July 2, 2022
10 Best Style Companies in UK

The United Kingdom is a worldwide technology for fashion start-ups investigating the business possibilities of new technologies like blockchain and augmented reality.

Ten entrepreneurs ready to disrupt every facet of the business, from manufacturing to marketing and retail, are profiled here.

Ten entrepreneurs ready to disrupt every facet of the business, from manufacturing to marketing and retail, are profiled here.

1. Threads

Threads is a high-end styling service. Threads is credited for pioneering the usage of chat messaging to service its affluent clientele. Before things are delivered to customers, a staff of personal stylists communicates with them through WeChat, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

2. Fashion Innovation Agency @LCFLondon

FIA assists designers and brands (including those mentioned in this article) in using new technology to transform the way collections are created, sold and shown. Earlier this year, FIA collaborated with Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment studio to boost fashion designer Steven Tai’s AW18 presentation with digital enhancements. The venue’s traditional building was converted using special effects into landscapes from Tai’s home in Macau, while a virtual model was projected onto the catwalk.

3. Saveyourwardrobe

Based on the premise that the typical individual uses just 20% of their clothing, this wardrobe management software seeks to assist customers in getting the most out of their clothes. The programme creates a record of the user’s clothing contents by sifting through email receipts and shop accounts. Additionally, items may be photographed and uploaded manually. The software suggests new outfits, makes shopping recommendations, and curates services for cleaning, repairing, selling, and donating clothing.

4. Provenance

By documenting their supply chain, Provenance enables food and fashion companies to boost trust and transparency. Blockchain technology is used to securely store data in an auditable and tamper-proof manner. Recently, the firm collaborated with fashion designer Martine Jarlgaard to trace freshly shorn alpaca fleece from farm to completed garment.

5. Metail

Metail’s software promises to address the most perplexing aspect of online clothing shopping: finding the proper fit. Metail allows consumers to try on virtual clothes and generates individualised size and style suggestions using 3D visualisation technology created at the University of Cambridge.

Composed Photography enables e-commerce companies to significantly reduce the cost of picture sessions by realistically mixing product photographs with Metail’s database of model images.

6. Unmade

Unmade’s platform enables brands to propose customizable items and then manufacture them. Christopher Raeburn, a British designer, collaborated with Unmade to allow customers to construct their own personal, made-to-order Ribbon Sweater. For Scottish knitwear maker Johnstons of Elgin, an order management system enables the company to generate customised orders as rapidly and affordably as mass-manufactured products.

7. Glitzbox

Glitzbox customers pay £50 each month to get a handpicked box including three pieces of designer jewellery. Subscribers test out the trinkets, keeping what they want and returning the remainder.

8. Intelistyle

Intelistyle’s software, dubbed ‘Spotify for fashion,’ utilises artificial intelligence to assist users in putting together the ideal outfit. Users submit photos of their current clothes and then get recommendations for products to purchase from store partners.

9. Solely original

Iris Anson, the creator, saw many women were compromising elegance for comfort while studying Footwear Design at the London College of Fashion. Sole Original offers customised fitting service for customers by post with a casting kit or in-studio with a 3D scan. Customers may then choose the material, heel height, and colour of their shoes.

10. Lylie’s

Even though a normal smartphone contains 0.2g of gold and has an average lifetime of 22 months, few are recycled. Lylie’s Jewellery turns to gold and silver’mined’ from electronic equipment into exquisite pendants, earrings, and cufflinks, all of which are stamped with a unique’salvage’ hallmark.

Numerous the enterprises mentioned above are included in the CreaTech Resource Book, which features 200 artistically led and technology-driven organisations.

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