Earning Cryptocurrencies for Free? [Secret Uncovered]

Many people want to join the crypto industry but have no money to invest. If they only knew that they could start with zero capital, they could have made substantial profits long ago. There are practical options to earn cryptocurrencies for free and use them for trading and other financial transactions. This might sound shocking among the newbies, but it’s true.

All you need is a set of strategies to explore online platforms that provide users with incentives. Once you’re already involved in the process, you’d love to perform consistently and earn more free tokens. It’s one thing that sets this market apart from other types of business.

While you can start without capital, it’s impossible to do without enough knowledge on where and how to get the freebies. You must explore all the alternatives because if you fail in one method, you might succeed in another. Investors make money by being clever, and the same principle applies in this competitive industry.

For trustworthy trading advice worth remembering, crypto experts recommend opting for platforms and services with a well-established background such as:

This opportunity is not only offered to those who wish to start from scratch because people with financial resources may also earn free cryptocurrencies. As to how they can be acquired, the following facts provide an overview of the options and the process.

Shop for Rewards

Firefox and Google Chrome have an extension called “Lolli” that offers “Bitcoin Back” when you shop with their retail partners. This tool functions as a browser extension like Honey or Rakuten that provides discounts and cashback when you use the portal for online shopping.

Like such programs, Lolli would give rewards for spending regular money just as buyers would when shopping for products without using cryptocurrencies. Generally, the rewards are guaranteed to range from 1% to 30% Bitcoin back, depending on the retailer and the product. Once you receive the rewards, you can transfer them to your cryptocurrency wallet or exchange account.

Exchange Sign-Up and Referral Bonuses

Some cryptocurrency exchanges offer sign-up and referral bonuses when you use their services. For instance, Coinbase had once given a $5 bonus to users who also invested it in cryptocurrency. However, before taking the bait, ensure you understand the terms and conditions of such bonuses. Some platforms may require recipients to provide more personal information or go through other procedures to claim the rewards.

Other offerings may not be profitable enough to warrant signing up for a relatively new exchange if you already have an account with another. Nevertheless, as a beginner, it is important to keep an eye on various exchanges as you might spot better opportunities to acquire free cryptos.

Rewards from Cryptocurrency Credit Cards

Earning Cryptocurrencies for Free

When you get a cryptocurrency credit card, you can expect the same features as other rewards credit cards. The only difference is you will get cryptocurrency instead of earning cashback or points with each swipe. Your rewards can accumulate over time and may be used to pay for goods or services or other financial transactions to build your portfolio.

Some providers also offer redemption values. For instance, a Gemini card will let consumers choose which crypto to redeem rewards. These free tokens can be valuable only if you avoid high-interest rates. Hence, when using a credit card, make sure that you charge what you can afford to pay off without carrying a debt balance.

Airdrops of New Cryptocurrency Projects

Developers of a new cryptocurrency project would perform airdrops or send free coins to gain traction for the new coin. This strategy is considered a marketing stunt to attract more people to join the platform and adopt the cryptocurrency. Although this is riskier than other freebies, investors could still benefit from them.

You can look for these incentives on the company’s websites or social media platforms where the new crypto is being promoted. Once you meet the qualifications, the developers could send the specific amount of coins straight to your digital wallet address.


There are practical ways to join the cryptocurrency market without taking a penny out of your pocket. Those strategies above are some examples of how you can earn cryptocurrencies for free. As you try to earn more tokens, you might as well do enough research on how you can be able to multiply them. Who knows, you might succeed in this venture.