How to Find the Best Project Management Tool for Your Agency

Finding the Best Agency Project Management Tool Software

If you are running an agency, you are probably familiar with the issues regarding blown budgets, tough deadlines, and endless feedback loops. Fortunately, agency owners can use agency project management software with the right tools to streamline complex processes and workflows. The right agency project management tools significantly make various tasks less time-consuming and complicated.

That said, what are the factors in determining whether you have found the right agency project management software for your business? Continue reading this piece to learn the core items you need to identify and evaluate when considering PM software.

Task Management

Knowing where to begin is critical when you have piles of projects. Task management is an essential factor to consider when choosing an agency project management tool software. Ideally, you should look for a feature that allows you to prioritize tasks by setting due dates, watchers, custom field values, and assignees.

Customizable Permissions

While it may seem obvious, prioritizing customizable permissions is essential when looking for a project management tool for your organization. Ideally, you want your tool to support full members, clients, contractors, and admins. But here, it is important to note that various software has varying permission options. Therefore, it is best to avoid comparing.

Time Tracking

Hours, or time, are your agency’s primary value metric, which means it is also the most valuable resource. Therefore, your organization needs a tool to measure profitability by service line, client, and department/ team member. Usually, third-party tools are sufficient, though pairing them with a native time-tracking tool may be beneficial.

Resource Management

Whether or not you need resource management depends on your agency’s current operational size. However, your organization will need a tool to manage capacity at some point in the future. Tasks involving assignees, due dates, and time estimates are the keys here. Ideally, your project management software tool should give you an idea of members with extra capacity and overload.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, looking for more info? We have compiled a list of FAQs – Check them out.

1. What Are Easy Steps to Choosing a Project Management Software?

Start by identifying your agency’s constraints and challenges when choosing a project management tool software. Then, create a list of your top PM tool options. Make sure to use each app at least once. Do not forget to involve your team in the testing and ask for feedback.

2. What Are Some Common Challenges within Agencies’ Project Management?

Common challenges include inadequate and unclear communication, inaccurate and inaccessible information, unrealistic deadlines, and a lack of appropriately defined goals.