July 3, 2022
How to Get Juggernaut in Warzone

Warzone is a popular game type in Halo 5: Guardians. There are different types of Warzones, but the most popular is Juggernaut. Juggernaut in Warzone is a player versus player game mode where players are restricted to only using one single weapon on their loadout.

Choose your weapon wisely, because you can’t change it once you start the game. Warzones are designed to be quick, competitive, and action-packed experiences that can be enjoyed both solo or cooperatively with friends on Xbox Live. This blog post will teach you how to get juggernaut in warzone by playing some games and following some simple rules. 

Getting Juggernaut In Warzone

The easiest way to get juggernaut in warzone is to play games and complete challenges while in Juggernaut. The Juggernaut in Warzone Challenges currently available are as follows:

  • Go into a Juggernaut game
  • Destroy 20 Sentry Turrets
  • Kill 10 enemies in a Juggernaut game
  • Participate in a Warzone match
  • The number of points awarded varies for each challenge.
  • Go into a Juggernaut game
  • Go into a Juggernaut game and complete this challenge.
  • Hit the mark
  • Hit the mark in the game’s competitive playlist.
  • Juggernaut Insights

Let’s talk about what it takes to get Juggernaut in Warzone. You don’t need to be the absolute best player in the game to get juggernaut.

The Basics Of Warzone

Juggernaut in Warzone is divided into smaller phases. Each phase has various time limits and objectives in place that are gradually released as the match progresses. Each player has 3 lives, which are refreshed each time you perform a kill.

Each round of Warzone begins with a loading screen, which changes the map and spawns players for each team. During the loading screen, the map for the game mode is displayed.

Warzone Modes

Warzone is divided into three game modes that you can play at various times in the match.


Heroes is the standard game mode for both Competitive and Casual games. When playing heroes, you have access to a wide range of basic abilities that allow you to approach and attack opponents.

What Is Juggernaut Mode?

Juggernaut is a mode where players are restricted to only using a single weapon on their loadout and receive kills with that weapon. Players are matched up in fast-paced games that vary in different types of gameplay. You will have to attack and run your enemy and use melee abilities to defend yourself.

You can also have a second weapon, but this has no effect on gameplay. It will affect how well your fire while you are still carrying the gun. In order to earn a game as juggernaut, you need to play games with your friends.

Play as many games as possible until you receive 5 victories or more. This will unlock the promotion to juggernaut. How to Earn a Promotion to Juggernaut You have to play and win games against other players to earn your promotion to Juggernaut in Warzone. 

How Do I Get Juggernaut?

I have two answers for you. How Do I Do Juggernaut in Warzone on my Own? Find a game of Warzone and team up with someone that is willing to run it with you. You will be the person with limited load outs to go up against the other team. The game starts with everyone playing as Juggernauts. The goal is to get 20 points before your team loses to your enemy. You get points for kills, turrets, and debris.

If you get 20 points in a round, you get to carry a secondary weapon into the next round. How Do I Get Juggernaut’s Secondary Weapon. The Juggernaut secondary weapon is a ballistic shield that stops projectiles. It’s good for deflecting most standard weapons. With Juggernaut’s relatively small size, you have a higher chance to get in close.

Playing The Game

As with any other Halo 5: Guardians game type, Warzone is designed to have competitive matches. It is, however, limited to two players per team. When two players are playing Warzone, they’ll be on opposing teams with a third player either as a neutral, spectator, or “captain.”

There are a few different game types in Warzones. The most popular is Juggernaut. In this game type, you and your partner are limited to only using one weapon on your loadout. If you’re looking to get Juggernaut in Warzone, here are some general rules: If you go over 600 AP, you lose. If you don’t kill the opposing Juggernaut, your teammate wins. If you die in a certain time, your team loses the match. 


Warzone is a very popular game mode that’s why we’ve been able to find out that 343 Industries, the developer behind Halo 5: Guardians, are doing their best to make Warzone a fun and welcoming game type for the entire community.

However, many of us can’t participate on Xbox Live when playing Warzone due to the lack of population. If you want to be part of the new Warzone community, make sure you read through these useful and easy steps and give yourself the best chance at joining in. Purpose of this post

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