How to Insulate a Conservatory Roof?

If you have an existing conservatory, our blog post will look at how to insulate a conservatory roof. The first thing to do is identify what type of conservatory roof you have. If the roof is a flat roof then it may be possible to use a traditional insulation that can be installed with a minimal amount of disruption.

However, if the roof is pitched then another option would be to create a temporary deck with insulation on top which can be removed after installation. A pitched roof also makes it impossible to install traditional insulation as this will either need cutting too short or long and sealing up the edges. If you are looking for more information on how to insulate conservatory roof, read on!

Identify the type of conservatory roof

First things first, you will need to work out what type of Insulate Conservatory Roof you have. There are four main types that come into play; flat roof, pitched roof, flat roof with dormers and flat roof with terraces. The different types are detailed below, along with a simple diagram that will show you what is involved.

  • Flat roof with dormers:
  • Pitched roof with dormers:

This Insulate Conservatory Roof type is fairly straightforward, it’s an open style roof that has a slight pitch and a steep wall. The benefit of this type is that the pitch does not affect your floor joists, you can still keep the number of floor joists you need, it also means that the roof is shorter than the walls, and therefore you don’t need to install retaining walls either. This is the roof that I am most familiar with.

Plan the insulation project

Before planning the insulation project, make sure you have a rough idea of what type of Insulate Conservatory Roof your conservatory has and where the framing is at. On the conservatory design guide we’ve created, there is a section on roof insulation, which goes into detail about this subject in great detail. So, if you are unable to reach the framing, this will let you know where to install the insulation.

Next, make a list of the insulation you will need and where to place it. To help you with this, the budget section of our conservatory design guide can help you identify how much insulation you can afford. We recommend using a reputable supplier as it will give you peace of mind.

Prepare the roof for installation

The roof of a Insulate Conservatory Roof is very flat and needs to be insulated before the insulation can be installed. If you have a flat roof insulation, you will need to perform the following tasks:-

  • Remove existing glazing, or any glass with a diameter greater than 3mm
  • Leave the roof covered for 4 – 6 weeks until the existing glazing is removed
  • Make any holes or cut out bricks on the roof in order to allow for installation

If you have a pitched Insulate Conservatory Roof then you will need to ensure that there is plenty of clearance. If you have a triangular or oblong conservatory roof, you will need to ensure that there is 1 metre clear on each side. Some glazing will also need to be taken off and replaced, for example, you may have a curved or square glass conservatory roof.

Install the insulation

If you are looking to use any type of insulation, then any of the insulation products can be used for conservatories. Although there are a few products that you cannot install directly on your Insulate a Conservatory Roof, you can use this type of insulation in conjunction with other products like Pertex Flourocarbon Insulation and velux windows.

This insulation has both thermal and acoustic properties. So if you’re looking to get your conservatory heated, or want to stop rain from coming through the windows, you can use this type of insulation to help you achieve your goals.

Warranties and warranties. As with all insulation products, you need to make sure that you know what you’re doing. For example, you need to know the warranty that you are getting and understand what is included in the warranty.

Remove any debris from installation

Ensure there is no vegetation on the roof surface. If it is an existing Insulate Conservatory Roof, make sure you take measurements from a couple of points to give yourself a guideline and don’t be tempted to go over your measurements if you are doing it for the first time. Cut a hole in the roof for air ventilation

Look to the best of your ability to find out what type of insulation has been used on the roof before your next installation, this will help you to find out what is needed. As an example, you will want to make sure you have insulation that covers the perimeter of the Insulate Conservatory Roof as well as the eaves to help your system work more effectively.


While the high temperatures during the summer months might seem like they are out of control and the temperatures will stay high through the winter months, this is not the case. Having insulation on your roof may sound like a hassle but in the long term you will get better insulation results which is why we suggest it as the best option for conservatories.

In the UK, around 1.5 million homes have an outer conservatory roof so if you are considering installing one, we’d highly recommend insulating it!