August 8, 2022
Outward RDC – Volumetric Acceptance

In the UK and around the world, Royal Mail is a reputable and trustworthy mailing service. Did you know that? It delivered approximately 1.2 billion parcels and 14.4 billion parcels between 2017 and 2018. It is Royal Mail’s policy to ensure that your mail is delivered according to plan.

You will be provided with a link to track your parcel when you send a parcel through Royal Mail. As you follow your order through the mail tracking system, you will notice that the tag name on your order changes periodically. The purpose of this article is to provide a clear understanding of these terms in order to make tracking your parcel easier.

RDC Outward – what does it mean?

This term appeared on your mail tracking dashboard but you weren’t sure what it meant. A regional distribution center is referred to as an Outward RDC. Normally, a Regional Distribution Centre consists of many warehouses where parcel deliveries take place daily by one or more companies. A Outward RDC will accept your mail before it is shipped out of the UK when shipping out the parcel.

Volumetric Acceptance – Outward RDC

Upon arrival at a Regional Distribution Center, the mail status will change to Outward Regional Distribution Volumetric Acceptance. Shipping from the warehouse to the posted address has been scheduled after the package has been received.

RDC Handheld Acceptance Outward

Your parcel is held at the warehouse for a short time after it is marked “Accepted” before being dispatched to its destination. It will soon be marked for distribution. The printer you ordered from Amazon is distributed by Royal Mail once Amazon processes your order. As a result, the parcel is able to achieve “handheld acceptance”.

In Royal Mail, what does RDC stand for?

A warehouse must first collect and sort letters and parcels, then they will be distributed to the various destinations. Within the UK, an RDC is referred to as a Regional Distribution Center. One or two companies will make up an Outward RDC . Daily mailings are carried out in an Outward RDC .

How does the Royal Mail track packages?

Mail tracking is possible with Royal Mail via a mail number. As the tracking system updates your mail’s progress every time it is scanned, you are kept up-to-date. Depending on the service, the amount of scanning will vary. There are several terms you will encounter in the tracking system, including

A dispatch has been made for this item

You notify Royal Mail that you have dispatched your mail after you post your mail. For the purpose of mail processing, this allows them to update their tracking information.

Arrived with item

In essence, this means your package has already been received by Royal Mail and is already in its system. It depends on what service you choose, but delivery confirmation is only sent after the item has been delivered.

The Royal Mail Customer Service posted this item

Please provide details about the location, date, and time when the item will be picked up from Customer Service. In order to track the package, the Royal Mail system is updated with the information.

Technical issue within the company

Royal Mail has experienced technical system issues that have caused normal mailing processes to stall.

Currently in transit

The delivery of your item is scheduled once your item has been received. In transit status indicates a package is on its way to you. Your reference number will give you access to tracking information including status and location.

Currently pending

Your item may be marked as pending for a variety of reasons, including;

  1. There is a fee to pay – this arises when the sender does not pay the postage costs or when a customs fee is applied to the package.
  2. You can change the recipient’s delivery address by purchasing a redirection service. As a result, the item may be delayed by a couple of days.
  3. It is possible to extend the hold on an item at a delivery office by using an extended hold service, called Keepsafe.
  4. A delivery attempt was attempted, however Royal Mail encountered difficulties accessing your address. For mail delivery, they cannot access the address. The following day, they can try to deliver the item.

Almost ready to be delivered

Unless you purchase Keepsafe, your item will be delivered once it has been marked ready for delivery. As soon as the delivery status is updated on the tracking system, your tracking number will be updated.

Once the item has been delivered, make sure it is stored safely

You may not be available to receive your delivery due to some unavoidable circumstances, so you choose to use a safe place. When your item is delivered to the safe place, it will be updated in your item status.

A retention item is an item under retention

Companies may have a Retention Service that covers days when they do not open. Only when the store is open will the item be delivered during these days.


As soon as the recipient collects their item, this information is updated.

The Royal Mail includes other terms in its terms and conditions

The letter “POL” – a postal office is indicated by this letter

A volumetric acceptance is an indication of inward RDC status – it indicates that an item is presently in the system and halfway through the process.

Exchange Office – An exchange office receives parcels before they are shipped to another country.

An unknown bag has been received, but is missing – the problem occurs when the label comes off. Your item will not be affected as Royal Mail will replace it.


By using the Royal Mail, you can track an order’s progress throughout the entire process, making it easy to send a parcel or letter. To begin the mailing process, the mail will have to pass through a Regional Distribution Center after it is dispatched and collected. It allows you to track your order from the time it is placed to the time it is collected through the tracking system.

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