The most popular categories of games commonly played on mobile phones

Playing games is what many people do when they are bored. Today, the types of games are quite diverse, far more than 10 years ago. Most games can be played via a smartphone, but some are still more comfortable to play on a PC due to limited specifications and a larger screen. As already mentioned, the types of games are now quite diverse, ranging from casual games to those that are more competitive.

Game selection certainly follows the taste and playing style of the player. Those who like online adventure games will naturally choose games like The Lord of the Rings over games like Pac-Man. Some games may be suitable to be played by all age ranges and some are only suitable for adults to play.

Due to the convenience provided by Google Play Store and iOS App Store, games can be downloaded much more easily than before. The following are some of the most downloaded categories of games to date:


The first popular type of game is casual, which provides simple gameplay without tiered levels of difficulty. Every player can finish casual games casually without having to think too much. Usually, games of this type are intended only to reduce the boredom obtained from daily activities. Some popular casual games are Angry Birds, Sky: Children of The Light, and Candy Crush. They have several advantages, one of which is that they only require a small amount of memory space so they can be played on even cheap smartphones.

Battle Royale

This type has a game concept like the last man standing. That means you, as a player, must survive to the end while carrying out various activities, for example exploring the game world, collecting weapons, vehicles, gold, and so on. One of the characteristics of games of this kind is limited gear, in fact almost throughout the game, you are required to go to the safe zone. Some of them which are very popular are Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex.

categories of games commonly played on mobile phones

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA

The next type of game is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or abbreviated as MOBA. This type of game requires you to set the attributes and skills of each character to develop the right strategy to win the arena. In addition, MOBA games usually require players to invite other players to team up against other groups of players in one stage arena. Today we can find Mobile Legends, AOV, and DOTA as the most popular MOBA games.

Roleplaying Game or RPG

RPG or Roleplaying Game is the next popular type of game that offers games by playing a character in the game. Usually, you only have to act as one of the characters, alias the main character, to follow the game’s storyline to the end. However, some games allow players to play two characters alternately. RPG has a main branch, namely Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game or MMORPG which can accommodate many players to play online at the same time. Examples of games that fall under the category of RPG games are Final Fantasy, Genshin Impact, and Ninja Saga.


This type of game is based on games of luck. Luck is a major factor in winning the game and this type of game focuses on results, not just entertaining gameplay. This type of game is the riskiest and although it can be played by everyone, it may only be recommended for adults. Children are strongly discouraged from playing casino-based games. There are many popular casino games and each represents classic casino games that have long been played in conventional casinos. Today, online blackjack games are the one of most popular casino-based games in this category.


Then there is online simulation games which is the next popular type of game for you to play. Games of this type offer a simulated experience like objects in the real world. This type of game is usually in the form of daily activities packaged in one game without being limited to controlling the object being simulated. In addition, there are several subtypes of Simulation such as life simulation, construction , management simulation, and sports games simulation. Famous simulation games are Truck Simulator, The Sims, and SimCity.

games commonly played on mobile phones

First Person Shooter or FPS

First Person Shooter is the next popular type of game that is most liked. The right term to describe this type of game is a war game with a first-person perspective. You can customize your character and must use your weapon with precision in order to shoot your opponent accurately. This type of game usually has an arena like a war zone by presenting an exciting and tense gaming experience like a real war. This type of game is also available in a third-person perspective version, which is commonly called a Third Person Shooter or TPS. The most played FPS games today are Point Blank, Counter-Strike, and Dead Effect.

Music Games

The last popular type of game is a music game in the form of a rhythm game. Each player is assigned to match the rhythm of the song being played. You need high concentration and nimble fingers to score high. Music games can also take the form of digital instruments that can be played on the latest devices. OSU, Piano Tiles, and Beatstar are some popular examples.

Above are the types of popular games that are mostly played on mobile, so they can be an option for you to play to drive away boredom. A final piece of advice from us is to play games that suit your “personality.” That way you can play 100 percent in any game. Hopefully, this article is useful, and thanks for reading!