The Untold Story of Rose Bundy, Serial Killer Ted Bundy’s Daughter

The mysterious story of Rose Bundy, daughter of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, has been shrouded in secrecy for decades. While he heinous crimes have been well-documented, little is known about her, the daughter of one of the most infamous serial killers in history. In recent years, however, new information about her has emerged that sheds light on her life and her relationship with her father. In this blog post, we will explore the untold story of her and delve deeper into the truth behind the daughter of Ted.

Early Life

Rose Bundy, or Rosa Bundy as she is sometimes referred to, was born on October 24th, 1982, in Florida. She is the daughter of notorious American serial killer Ted Bundy, whose mother remains unknown. Her birth was kept a secret during Ted’s trial, and much of her early life has been shrouded in mystery.

It is unclear how Rose was raised and by whom; however, some reports suggest that her mother and grandparents kept her identity secret to protect her from her father’s infamy. Although his father was never confirmed to be her father, his close friend and lawyer George (Gerry) Morris confirmed Rose’s relationship with him before he died in 1989. Rose has never spoken publicly about her early life or what it was like growing up with such an infamous father.

The mother of Rose Bundy, Carole Ann Boon

Carole Ann Boone was born in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. When she met Ted Bundy in 1974, she was a single mother with two children. Even though She was already married then, Boone and Bundy started dating shortly after they met. Eventually, Boone became Bundy’s closest confidant and primary supporter throughout his trial.

Bundy supported Boone’s two children from her previous relationship and legally adopted them. While their relationship was still strong, Bundy and Boone married in an unusual ceremony inside the courtroom during his murder trial.

Boone defended Bundy until the end, even testifying during the trial. After he was convicted, Boone stuck with him, visiting him regularly in prison, moving to Florida to be closer to him, and even claiming to have had a child while he was in jail. This child is believed to be her, though this is unconfirmed.

Relationship with Ted Bundy

The relationship between She and her father, the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy, is complicated. Although he had been convicted of numerous heinous crimes, Rose still admired him. While in jail, Ted was allowed conjugal visits with his wife, Carole Ann Boone, and it was during this time that Rose was conceived.

At the time, no one knew who Rose’s father was. The truth came out late after Ted Bundy had been sentenced to death. It was then that Rose learned that Ted Bundy was her father. Though she knew of his infamy, she still held a certain degree of love for him.

Rose visited her father in prison frequently before his execution. She reported seeing him until the day before he was executed in 1989. Despite his terrible crimes, Rose had some good memories of her father and referred to him as a loving man.

How Rose Bundy grew up

Untold Story of Rose Bundy, Serial Killer Ted Bundy's Daughter

The daughter of serial killer Ted Bundy,  Bundy grew up mainly in the dark about her father’s crimes. While she was never told the truth about her father, she knew of his fame and infamy. She was also aware that he was absent from her life.

The first years of Rose’s life were spent in Florida with her mother, Carole Ann Boone. However, when she was two years old, her mother and father split, and she was raised by her mother alone.

How she feels about her father

Rose has remained silent about her relationship with her father, the serial killer Ted Bundy. As the only living relative of Ted Bundy, Rose has had to deal with the negative publicity and stigma associated with his crimes. Her true feelings toward him are unclear. However, some reports suggest she holds no ill will toward him and is sympathetic toward his victims. She may also have inherited her father’s charm as one journalist said, “She could be a member of the her family, and there wouldn’t be any question about it…”.


Q: Who is Rose Bundy?

Ans: She is the daughter of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy and his ex-girlfriend, Carole Ann Boone. She was born in 1982 while her father was on death row.

Q: How did she grow up?

Ans: Rose grew up primarily with her mother, Carole Ann Boone, and could not see her father much due to his imprisonment. Her mother kept her identity a secret, and it wasn’t until after her father’s death that her identity was revealed.

Q: Does Rose still have a relationship with her mother?

Ans: It is unclear if Rose still has a relationship with her mother, as she has largely kept her life private since her father’s death.

Q: Has Rose ever spoken about her father publicly?

Ans: Rose had never spoken publicly about her father, though she did write a letter to him shortly before he was executed.

Q: What are Rose Bundy’s current whereabouts?

Ans: She current whereabouts are unknown, though it is believed that she may be living in Florida.

Final Thoughts

Rose Bundy has had a tough life, growing up as the daughter of a notorious serial killer. Even though Ted Bundy never acknowledged her as his daughter, she has become successful. She has kept her life private and has not spoken about her father for many years, making it difficult to gain insight into her life and how she truly feels. It is important to remember that behind the monster her father was, She is still a human being with real emotions and struggles. Whatever the future holds for Rose, we can only hope it is filled with peace and happiness.

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