Top 10 Best Graphic Design Companies In Uk

Graphic design companies in the UK have brought to life some of the most remarkable ideas on web and print media in recent years, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Despite their significant contributions, however, it can be difficult to track down the best graphic design companies in the UK, let alone in your local area.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 best graphic design companies in the UK that are sure to impress even the most discerning clientele!


The New York City-based design firm has been around since 1972 and was founded by designers Michael Bierut, a partner and creative director, and Paula Scher, its chairman.

According to their website, Pentagram works in identity, environmental graphics, and wayfinding, publishing and print media design; packaging; digital media; exhibition design; websites; advertising; product design.

Other well-known graphic designers at Pentagram include Angus Hyland, Karin Fong, Karlssonwilker de Cuba Inc., Peter Dausch, and Jim Webb.

Wolff Olins

Founded in 1974, Wolff Olins is an international brand strategy consultancy with offices in 20 countries. Wolff Olins works with major brands such as BP, Coca-Cola, Philips, and Visa.

The company has been named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list multiple times and was ranked No. 4 in Advertising Age’s 2014 Agency A-List.

Clients of Wolff Olins include global brands including BP, Coca-Cola, Hyundai Motor Group, and Novartis while projects have included BMW Films such as Art Of The Heist.

The Chase

You might think the chase sounds negative, but in reality, it is one of your most valuable assets. Your content marketing strategy should include an element of being ahead of your customers and prospects.

By creating helpful and useful content for them to consume you become their go-to source for that information or product.

It’s something they look forward to seeing every time they visit your website, or even before they need it.

They know that when they do have a question or need a product, you’ll be there waiting with answers and products ready to satisfy them.

The more you can offer those in your target audience who already value what you offer, the greater chance you have at acquiring new customers through recommendations from satisfied existing ones! (Mark Schaefer)


A creative company that is a fresh graduate’s best friend. Hailing from London, it may not be in some of its competitors’ backyards but its work is still as good as or better than what most major design firms are producing.

Its clients are top-notch, too; including Channel 4, Orange, and Lancôme. If you need someone to help you create your brand identity or develop your visual brand language, Pearlfisher could be perfect for you.

It also has great internship programs and even manages to pay competitive salaries in spite of its very reasonable rates.

Plus if any complaints arise they will respond quickly to them so satisfaction is guaranteed!

Charlie Smith Design

A well-established design firm, Charlie Smith offers an affordable range of graphic design services for both start-ups and established businesses.

The company has worked with top brands like WeTransfer, Saatchi Gallery, and Roseland Property.

Their portfolio speaks volumes about their talent and expertise. Furthermore, their work is extremely sophisticated as well as visually engaging.

If you’re looking for high-quality work from a reliable team then it’s worth giving them a shot! You won’t be disappointed.

A Practice for Everyday Life

When it comes to creating a portfolio of your work, try not to get too hung up on standards that may be impossible for you to meet.

Your portfolio is an opportunity for hiring professionals to see your work and assess how well you’ve done (at least at the level of design you’re capable of now).

That means it should reflect what’s best about your skills and experience. Portfolios are another chance for you to prove why and how you’re perfect for a job or internship.

Always go into them with confidence in your abilities and leave any doubts at home.

Plus, as first-time job-seekers often know, references can really make or break your chances. If someone else can vouch for you—even better!


If you’re looking for a graphic design company, and you have a relatively clear picture of what you need, try to keep things as simple as possible.

If you’re in no hurry, look at each company individually and evaluate its strengths before making a decision.

Of course, if there’s an emergency or time constraint, see who can get someone out there right away—most likely someone is available that day to help.

But don’t be afraid to ask questions; it will also give you a feel for how easy it is to work with them once they are on board.

For example: What information do I need to provide initially? Are payments deducted automatically from my account? What kind of files do they accept?


Top UK graphic design firms in 2016. It was a challenge to narrow down our favorite UK graphic design agencies and decide which ones would make it into our top 10.

We hope you will enjoy reading about each of these companies, their amazing staff, and outstanding works, many of which we were involved with! Enjoy this list in no particular order!


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While it’s not a recommended platform for e-commerce, some people have managed to do a great job at it.

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That’s why we work with some of the best designers in the United Kingdom. Our goal is to find a designer that we can trust with your logo, and one who will work within your budget.

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Keep in mind that design does cost money; our experienced designers don’t come cheap, but neither do most things of value.


If you’re interested in designing, then start designing. Don’t wait for your talent to show up; it will after you’ve put in some serious effort.

You don’t need expensive equipment or even a college degree (though they help).

If you have design talent and are willing to work hard, you can be one of these designers—or better yet, be better than all of them.