Top 10 Best Travel Companies In Uk

The competition in the travel industry has never been higher, with tour operators competing in their ability to provide the very best trips, at the best prices, with first-class service and an atmosphere of fun that few other industries can beat. But with so many excellent companies to choose from, how do you know which are the best?

We’ve put together our list of the top 10 travel companies in the UK today, based on reviews and rankings by consumers themselves, awards for excellence won by each company, and overall reputation within the industry itself. Check out this list to find your next favorite travel company!

Timberbush Tours

The best way to travel is on your own. For those with a thirst for adventure, nothing beats exploring new places on foot or bicycle with no itinerary but your own and no place to be except where you’re at that moment. If you’re an independent traveler, you already know how hard it can be to find affordable travel opportunities.

You might have decided that signing up for an organized tour package is not for you after reading about their multiple fees and tourist trap selling tactics.


Time and again, Europa Mundo has been crowned number one on travel ranking websites. When it comes to identifying Europe’s best-value travel agencies, Europa Mundo is at top of its game. Such an award truly reflects a commitment to competitive pricing, extensive availability, and customer service excellence.

From North to South and East to West—Europa Mundo is one of those rare firms that can say it can book any type of trip you desire. With years of experience under its belt, Europa Mundo is just as renowned for your time-of-travel logistics as well as holiday entitlements.

Expat Explore Travel

Explore offers year-round trips to fantastic destinations all over Europe and beyond. On their website, you’ll find details about specific tours as well as some other great resources for planning your trip. Whether you want to explore European capitals or visit faraway lands in Asia, Explore can give you an experience you won’t soon forget.

This travel company has more than 20 years of experience in helping travelers get out there and see what they’ve been missing, offering everything from half-day tours to multi-week journeys. Along with a variety of theme-based walking tour options, these award winners also offer general sightseeing trips around some of Europe’s most popular cities including London and Paris.


With so many travel companies to choose from, it can be hard to figure out who’s trustworthy and who isn’t. The travel industry is notoriously cutthroat, with companies sometimes setting up on less-than-honest terms just to snag a few business deals. With so much at stake when booking your next trip, you need all of the facts before making any big decisions.

That’s why we’ve put together our list of top 10 best travel companies in Uk so you can rest easy knowing that you’re being represented by a firm you can trust. No more scammers for us! Don’t know where to start? Look no further: here are our top picks.


Getting away for a nice weekend doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money, thanks to Topdeck. The trips are between three and eight days long and are designed for people between 18 and 35 years old. Prices range from $160-$300 per person, but they cover transportation, food, and accommodation on select routes around Australia. It offers tours in parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America as well.

The company has been operating since 1994. It is an environmentally conscious firm that donates one percent of all its profits to environmental causes worldwide. It also encourages travelers to donate their time or money while abroad through its Leave No Trace philosophy. That involves being conscious of your travel footprint while enjoying nature or being an active part of a community while abroad.


Travelling can be amazing, but sometimes it isn’t that simple. It may not be your fault that you’re being turned down for a loan, or if no one is offering you a credit card to get around; sometimes there’s just an unnecessary barrier in your way and it really doesn’t make sense.

With Globus helping you out, getting yourself on vacation will never be more attainable. As well as providing budget flights, Globus has amazing travel packages to help facilitate great holidays even if you don’t have much money. Just check out what they have to offer now! You won’t regret it!


No matter where you are in your travels, you’ll find some tourist traps that aren’t worth your time. That’s why we sought out travel companies who take care of travelers with a focus on service and attention to detail.

With a range of options, and prices to match, these businesses can help tailor your trip to your needs. Whether it be relaxing luxury or adventurous exploration, here are some businesses that should be on your list when considering how to make travel plans.


If you want a more personable approach, one of these tour companies is perfect for you. Though each tour has a set itinerary, some travelers choose to go off-script by exploring on their own and finding other opportunities that come up along their way.

These companies also have a somewhat casual vibe and usually provide opportunities for travelers to meet fellow travelers with similar interests and backgrounds. This can also make traveling solo or in a small group easier, though they are available in larger groups as well.


This company is among one of best in UK that offers travelers a great variety of tours, from around Europe to exotic destinations such as India, South America and more.

Additionally, MacBackpackers offers multiple campsites for those seeking backpacking holidays. Also, you can rely on them for providing accommodation in hostels and other establishments worldwide. And perhaps what is most important are that they offer reliable transportation options.


Since 1829, Trafalgar has been helping people create incredible memories through inspiring travel experiences. Although it’s a well-known name in Europe, many Americans still don’t know what makes Trafalgar so special. Here are some of our favorite reasons to book with Trafalgar.

The Company is headquartered in London and runs 15 hotels worldwide. It has more than 70 years of experience and expertise creating dream trips for its clients, making it one of our favorite British companies to do business with!


If you’re planning a holiday soon and are researching different companies, you should definitely consider Expedia. It is one of your best options for booking flights, hotels, or other travel services. With great pricing and an easy-to-use search tool, it is not hard to see why people choose Expedia time and time again.

The website also offers great coupon codes that can save you even more money on your next trip. For example, some deals offer up to $200 off of your trip when you purchase tickets in advance. So make sure to check Expedia before booking your next trip!