Top Tips For a Great Social Media Design For Your Next Posts

Infographics, images and photos take up more space than texts and quotes on social media newsfeed. Hence, how can you leverage graphics to ensure your business stands out in the online world? One easy step is to develop a social media post that includes engaging and interesting graphics to be posted across all your social media pages.

In case you are looking to put yourself in front of the audience in an effective manner, you should have strong social media post design and visual content. For this purpose, you need to shift your focus on creating great designs. Here are some important tips for a great social media designs for your next posts:

Optimize Images for Different Social Networks

In order to maintain a great social media presence, make sure to post across different platforms on a routine basis, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest etc. Posts with graphics get more engagement compared to text and links. They can keep your visuals looking their best and lead to an effective social media strategy.

Select the Right Color Combination

Your social media posts must be attractive and have the right color combination. You may ot need to use colors in your posts that turn off the audience instantly, and make them leave your social media accounts. Each color has something to say and it portrays an emotion. Choose the colors that reflect your brand clearly. No matter what colors you pick, ensure not to overuse it because it can confuse your audience regarding your brand’s perceptions and vision.

Choose a Consistent Style of Images

Choose images that are consistent with your brand. For this purpose, consider:

  • What is the service or product you are selling?
  • What do your audience like?
  • What sort of things your brand would like if it was a person?

Such questions can be a great guide to discover the characteristics and personality of your brand and to identify images that suit it. And when considering sharing or retweeting, pick images that align with your brand to prevent any inconsistency.

Use Social Media Analytics to Your Advantage

Social media analytics are ideal when it comes to understanding how your social media post design is performing. This can give you a clear understanding of what sort of content is doing perfectly and which isn’t. With such information, you can plan your campaign in the right manner. Also, you can focus on creating content with better engagement. Learn from what different things you can do there and get better results.

Add the Right Graphic Elements

Another thing is to add the best graphic elements to your social media post. You may believe that animation, lines and graphics have gone out of style, but they haven’t. When you add shapes, lines and illustrations to your posts, you actually increase its appeal to make your audience like your post. So, use boxes, shapes, and arrows to showcase the most significant information in your social media posts.