August 8, 2022
5 Different and Effective Types of SMS to Send to Make More Sales

One of the many ways in which business owners can promote their companies is through SMS (Short Message Service), also known as mobile text messaging. You can be sure that your message will be read by someone if you use this method.

Furthermore, SMS marketing can be more cost-effective and can generate better response rates than other marketing campaigns. Text messaging can achieve up to 45% response rates compared to email marketing, which gets a response rate of about 6%.

The majority of businesses do not invest in SMS marketing for their businessesd to generate more sales.

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. The issue is further complicated by the fact that those who have invested do not know the correct type of SMS to sentive SMS Types

SMS responses that are automated

As a business owner, you ensure that your customers’ messages are responded to immediately, every time, regardless of the channel. Customers who are left waiting can cost you a lot of money in sales.

In some businesses, standby representatives do not respond to queries right away after they are sent. The result is that they struggle and make losses when they are supposed to be growing.

Business texting services, however, allow you to automate SMS responses for your business. It’s even possible to set the type of responses you want. Your customers will always be happy and you will be able to make more sales this way.

Offers for a limited time

Existing customers may receive special offers from businesses from time to time. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of these offers in order to retain them. The problem is that some businesses are unable to keep customers interested.

You can use SMS messages to let all your customers know about this kind of offer and to encourage them to participate. Compared to other marketing techniques, SMS is more likely to be read.

In addition to using a language that matches the age group of your customers, you can personalize your SMSs based on your target market. Be sure to include some form of urgency to at least encourage customers to participate as soon as possible.

Offers for new customers

When customers begin doing business with a company, they are accustomed to receiving a welcome email. Imagine the excitement you would have if you added an SMS whenever you started working with a new customer!

For instance, you can share a discount link or promo code through an SMS when you have incentives for new customers or even those who register on your business website. There would be a lot of customers impressed by this.

Following up on the SMS with an email is a good idea. The advantage of email is that you can add images more easily than via SMS. To ensure that a customer does not get lost on your website, you can even make your email more detailed.

Updates on shipping and order confirmations

A case study today will reveal that almost all eCommerce businesses communicate with their customers via email. The chances are that you will receive an order confirmation email if you place an order now. For SaaS companies, this is also true.

In addition to shipping updates and order confirmations, SMS is also useful for shipping confirmations and order updates. Your customers won’t need to check their emails constantly to see the progress of their orders this way.

Additionally, emails can be slow at times. Your customers might start doubting your business if they wait a long time before receiving an email when they place an order. Text messages are instantaneous.

Events currently taking place

Are you aware that you can send an SMS that promotes sales in your business based on current events? Consider the case of a popular social media platform such as Facebook being down.

You can use this opportunity to send an SMS to your customers since you also interact with them on Facebook. If you send an SMS asking if they already miss Facebook, you can include a promotional message.

Customers who buy something during Facebook’s downtime can receive a discount if you include the promo code in the SMS message. By doing so, you will demonstrate to your customers that you care about them.

With all these types of SMS, it is evident that you can use text messaging to increase business sales and promote your business. Is there anything holding you back? Now is the time to get started.

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