What Are The 5 Benefits Of Health And Wellness?

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about health and wellness. We’re bombarded with new diets, exercise programs, and the latest fitness trends every day. It can be hard to know which advice is best for you or where to start. Here are five benefits of health and wellness that you may not know about.

1) Improved mental clarity

2) Better sleep

3) Increased energy levels

4) More confidence

5) Decreased risk of chronic diseases.

Improved mental clarity

Turns out that almost all experts agree that you can boost your brain power simply by meditating. You may already know that spending time in nature can also improve your mental clarity.

Some people find it easier to get a good night’s sleep when they get some quality exercise and/or a daily vitamin. This is particularly true for the more alert set. However, getting too little sleep can also have negative consequences on your physical and mental health.

Recent studies have shown that regular exercise can help you sleep better. Is there any exercise out there that actually burns off all the calories you eat? Of course not, but most people consume far more calories than they can burn.

Better sleep

Maybe it’s because we live in a society of 24/7 access to the internet and social media. If you’re like me, when your phone rings and beeps at night, you can’t get to sleep until you turn everything off. That means you might not sleep as well as you need to. Research has shown that many of us have trouble sleeping.

In a recent study at Duke University, researchers divided groups of people into three: one group had to remain online during sleep. Another had to be on their phones during sleep, and the last group was free to sleep or be distracted as they wished.

While those in the group that had to be online fell asleep quicker than the group that couldn’t use their phones, both the group that was online and the group that couldn’t use their phones stayed asleep for nearly 12 hours.

Increased energy levels

There’s nothing better than a boost of energy in the morning. According to a study by Purdue University, a simple, pre-workout snack of a protein shake or a dose of caffeine can help you feel more alert and ready to conquer the day. It doesn’t take much, either. Most Americans should be able to squeeze in a 30-minute workout before work. And working out can boost your energy level for up to six hours afterwards.

Working out is a great way to bring your mind and body into balance. It will reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, but that’s not all. Research suggests that people who exercise regularly can perform better on cognitive tasks, such as solving math problems.

More confidence

Being more confident about your fitness and wellness habits helps you to avoid the inevitable challenge of becoming stagnant in your routine.

The great thing about a healthy lifestyle is that it is sustainable over time. This means you can keep improving your health and wellness without having to make major lifestyle changes each year. A steady improvement over time will help you stay motivated and get the most out of your workout routine.

Fitness experts recommend training one to two times per week in order to get the most out of your fitness routine. Consistency is key in building up your muscle strength, improving your cardiovascular health, and fostering an overall healthier lifestyle. 

Decreased risk of chronic diseases.

Yes, there is a direct link between benefits of health and wellness and a decreased risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. But how does a healthy lifestyle result in such dramatic reductions?

Chronic diseases are diseases that do not go away, no matter what you do. These diseases develop over time, usually because of poor lifestyle choices and chronic inflammation. One example of this is type 2 diabetes.

People who have type 2 diabetes, which is known as diabetes mellitus or pre-diabetes, have to manage their blood sugar by controlling their diet, exercise, and medications. Many people who have diabetes also have poor blood flow to their heart, so high blood sugar levels in the heart can cause heart disease.


So there you have it! Many people equate eating right, working out, and taking care of your health with being overweight or obese, but these are all benefits of good health that most people don’t really think about. Keep these benefits in mind, and you can be on your way to an incredible summer.