August 8, 2022
What is Gumtree and How it helps your UK business?


There are many people who have heard of Gumtree without fully understanding its purpose or how it works. A British online classified advertisement and community website, is also known as Gumtree uk.

At the end of November 2010, it was one of the largest websites for local community ads and classifieds in the UK. According to a 2010 traffic audit, it was also among the top 30 sites in the United Kingdom, with nearly 15 million unique visitors every month.

Among the top classifieds websites in the UK, Australia, Singapore, and South Africa, it is Advertigo.

A partnership between Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall founded Gumtree uk early in 2000. Classified ads and a community site were started locally in London. This organization helps Australians, New Zealanders, and South Africans who have moved to a new city find a place to stay, find a job, or just meet new people.

  • An Australian phrase used by locals to describe Eucalyptus trees led to the creation of the term gum tree. The name was chosen to connect the communities of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
  • Although gum trees are found in different varieties throughout the world, the founders believed the term would reflect the community’s deep roots and branches.
  • At any given time, over 1.5 million ads are displayed on the site, which is used by about 1 in 3 adults in the UK. As well as looking for jobs, renting or buying property, it is an ideal place to buy and sell second-hand goods and cars. Additionally, the site offers professional services, community events, and more.
  • In the UK, Gumtree’s app has been downloaded over 16 million times and 33% of the digital population uses it each month.

What is Gumtree and How it helps your UK business?

A brief history

eBay acquired Gumtree in 2005 along with 3 other classifieds sites for over $80 million, with Gumtree being the largest company of the 3, along with LoQUo and Opusforum. Gumtree was available in cities across the globe at the time of this acquisition, including the UK, France, Australia, Poland, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

  • The Warsaw, Poland site was launched by Gumtree in 2004. Initially launched in Berlin in May 2005, Gumtree expanded into Rome and Milan in June and now covers over 30 cities.
  • The Gumtree website has been operating in the United States since 2007, targeting expat communities in New York, Chicago, and Boston. Expats from the United Kingdom, Poland, and Australia were intended to receive it.
  • Gumtree rebranded early in 2016 and became available on a number of mobile apps. With over 450,000 followers on Facebook and 35,000 followers on Twitter, it has an impressive social media presence. To encourage new listings and drive users to the site, the company uses social media to share information and news about the company. Promotions and competitions also encourage new listings.

The primary purpose of Gumtree is to allow users to place free ads on the site. Users seeking heightened advertising visibility can purchase paid promotions. It is possible to pay a fee to bump up your advertising in the listings.

Throughout the years, Gumtree has begun selling classified advertising packages to companies and businesses looking to post multiple properties and job postings.

Dealers selling cars could place bulk classified ads with them in 2013. In 2010, Gumtree Media launched to provide services to its business clients. The Gumtree website features over two million ads at any given time, making it a great place to find what you are looking for as well as find a buyer for your property, cars, or goods.

The benefits of using Gumtree for businesses

A business can benefit greatly from using Gumtree. Small and medium businesses are increasingly using online classifieds sites to source for business, market their wares, and recruit staff to fill their vacancies due to online classified sites becoming increasingly popular. Advertising on their platforms is affordable for businesses. People can now access services and products more easily than ever before thanks to Gumtree’s online trade. Having a strong online presence is therefore essential for every business. As advertising costs rise, not many businesses can afford to run full-scale digital campaigns, and this is where Gumtree comes in.

Posting services and products on this platform is an affordable way for businesses to reach a global audience. Businesses have the advantage of reaching millions of users on a daily basis as a result of this.

Statistics on online market research

Gumtree statistics report that businesses and individuals are missing out on over £6.5 billion in savings because they lack or lack the skills to negotiate, especially when buying online. In terms of yearly savings, this is about £497 for each person. There has been a rapid growth in the resale economy, and Brits are becoming more aware of the value of buying preowned items.
Another fifth of respondents (18%) reported never using an online marketplace, while 29% said they preferred to use websites they already used.

How have business people who have used Gumtree over the years shared tips?

  1. It is important to take high-quality photos – Clear photos show users what they’re getting and what they’re buying.
  2. Defects should be highlighted – Make sure you inform your clients about any issues or defects well in advance to avoid duping them and to maintain your reputation.
  3. Get your ad noticed – Advertising is the first step, but promoting your ad will boost its effectiveness
  4. Locate yourself – Providing your exact location helps the app find buyers near you so that you can make a sale quickly in your precise location.
  5. Respond quickly to leads – It is important to respond immediately to leads so as not to lose a potential customer. Make sure you contact the person as soon as possible, as it portrays professionalism and good customer service.

How to buy and sell effectively on Gumtree

You can use these tips when posting on Gumtree and dealing with customers effectively to help buyers and sellers on how to buy and sell online effectively.

  • To be able to sell your goods at a realistic price, you should do some research to determine a reasonable price.
  • Make it clear to users what benefits your products provide by using both photos and words to describe them in detail.
  • You should be honest. Don’t exaggerate to make the items seem like something they aren’t. Share the facts as they are. In order to avoid giving false information to potential customers, be sure to share any defects or issues with the item as well.
  • Show professionalism and good customer service by responding quickly to any inquiries.
  • Make sure that both parties agree on a time and place. By doing so, you can both stay on schedule, resulting in a win-win situation.
  • Focus on the objective (making a sale and giving customers value) rather than the personality of the customer when doing business.
  • Make sure all items are in order before paying, so don’t be embarrassed to count the money and give the item a thorough check.

Various categories

The categories are divided according to the type of user. There are a variety of categories, such as Property, Services, Jobs, Community, Motors, Pets, and For Sale. How to Use It;

  1. You should find or the first result on your search list by going to or searching for “Gumtree” in your browser. Google’s App Store allows you to download the Gumtree uk app on your iPhone or Android Smartphone. The app can be installed by clicking on it.
  2. Passwords and usernames should be created. If you want to post an advertisement on Gumtree uk, you’ll need to create an account first. Choose a user name and a password that is suitable for you. The name you choose should give you some anonymity, but it can also be a nickname or a variation of your real name. In case the username of your choice is already taken, you can add some numbers to it. You should choose a strong password that you can remember. Passwords must be made up of letters, numbers, and symbols so that they are difficult to guess.
  3. Make sure to include a profile picture – choose something interesting or catchy to add legitimacy to the profile and make it stand out. Buyers are attracted to your profile by profile photos and your ads stand out when they see them. Add some personality to your profile by choosing photos that are striking. Profile photos are not required.
  4. Make sure the item you’re selling is listed in the appropriate category. Choosing the ‘Home and Garden’ category, for example, would be a good idea if you want to sell a home appliance. You can choose the ‘Computers and Software’ category if you are selling a laptop or desktop. To make it easier for buyers to search and find your item, add subcategories in the ‘Computers and Software’ section such as ‘Electronics’. Alternatively, you can fill out the ‘Tell us what you are posting’ tab and the site will categorize it for you based on what you type in.
  5. Provide location information – inform your buyers of the location where the item is being sold by sharing the postal code. A buyer can search for items within their location and then share that information with potential customers. Advertisers should be aware that their postal codes and locations will not appear. Your item is shared with buyers searching for specific items in certain locations based on your postal code.
  6. You should include a detailed description of the item – share what type of item you are selling, describe the item’s features, its material, its condition, and any added features like measurements, color, and other features to describe the item fully. In addition, you can explain why you’re selling it. Whenever you describe an item, it’s important not to lie in order to oversell it. The seller should inform buyers upfront if the item has damage or a problem so that they are fully informed.
  7. Make sure the photo is great – snap a good picture of the item. The best photo will be one that clearly shows the item. Take several photos and select the one that is clearest and most focused on the item. Out-of-focus or blurry images should not be used. The image should be photographed in good lighting so that buyers can clearly see what it looks like. If you have good photos, buyers will reach out to you, while if you have fuzzy or poor-quality images, buyers will not. Additionally, you should take several pictures from different angles of the item. If the item has any special or unique features, you can take photos of its sides, back, and sides as well as long shots and wide shots. You are more likely to attract prospective buyers and sell it if your photos are better.
  8. Let users know the cost of the item – it’s important to inform users about the cost of the item. For buyers to know that the price is final, indicate ‘Firm’ or ‘No negotiating’ if you wish to sell it at a fixed price. ‘Or Best Offer’ or the abbreviation ‘OBO’ can be used if you are willing to negotiate.
  9. Your ad should have a title – Choose a title that is short, catchy and attractive in order to attract buyers. If your item falls under one of these descriptions, add description such as Rare, Unique or Great Deal.
  10. Create your ad – after you have selected a category, written the description, uploaded great photos, set your price, pinpointed your location, and given your ad a good title, it’s time to publish your ad. Gumtree offers free advertising and you can respond directly to buyers through your account. You can chat one-on-one with buyers if you use the app. 

On Gumtree, how to engage buyers;

You can engage buyers by following these tips:

  1. It is important to respond to buyers quickly in order to avoid losing them. Keep track of all conversations and follow up on inquiries through the Messages tab.
  2. You should answer any questions that buyers may have – it’s important to answer any questions buyers may have. Make the decision to buy easy for them by being short, concise, and helpful. In order to encourage buyers to make a purchase, be friendly and polite when answering questions.
  3. Take the best offer if you receive more than one. It is possible to pick the best offer from multiple offers if you get multiple offers. It is possible for you to let other buyers know that the item has been sold.
  4. Arrangements should be made for payment – cash is best when buying the item in person. If you offer to deliver, agree on a drop off place with the buyer if you plan on picking up in a nearby parking lot. Make sure you get the cash for the item before handing it over. Bringing along a friend and meeting in a public place will add to your security.


A market place like Gumtree uk offers a large variety of items, competitive pricing, and the convenience of being able to find rare items locally.

There are a lot of unique items to find, and sellers can also sell their items and find a new home for them.



It depends on the category an ad belongs to how long it will last.

The ads in the Property, Services, and Jobs sections are live for 60 days.

Ads in the categories Community, Motors, Pets, and For Sale will be live for 30 days.

Gumtree notifies users by email when the ad is about to expire when its time runs out. If the ad remains live for an extended period of time, users can reset the clock and extend the duration. Ads will be removed from the ‘Active Ads’ list if no bump up is applied and the time expires.


Adding your profile details is as simple as signing up for the Gumtree directory. Select the category of the item which you are selling, add the title, description, location, price, and a picture of the product once the account setup has been completed. Your ad is ready to post once this is completed.


You should be always available on Gumtree to respond quickly to user queries once you have posted the ad. In addition, you should be able to answer the questions posted by buyers. You will get some conversions for your business if you do all of these.


Among the products that you can buy/sell on Gumtree are automobiles, real estates, and all kinds of professional services. Gumtree even allows you to post job requirements.

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