What Is The Biggest Shopping Centre In The World?

Shopping is an activity that many people around the world enjoy. It can be a leisurely activity, or it can be a necessary chore. It can be fun, or it can be stressful. But no matter what country you live in, there are likely malls near you for your to shop in. However, not all shopping centers are created equal. Some are small and cramped while others are so huge they have their own zip code! The question on everyone’s lips – just how big are some of the Biggest Shopping Centre in the world? Read on to find out!

The World’s Biggest Shopping Centres

It turns out that some of the world’s biggest shopping centers are not in the United States. These shopping centers have been built to cater to the needs of their country and can often cover a massive area. They may include a variety of stores, restaurants, amusement parks, and even hotels. The largest mall in the world is The Dubai Mall in Dubai, UAE. This mall has a total retail space of 8 million square feet with an indoor park that spans over 100 acres!

The second largest mall in the world is also in Dubai—the ITC Garden City. This mall has four sections: one for clothes; one for electronics; one for food; and one for flowers. It also features an aquarium with thousands of fish swimming around.

If this wasn’t enough, there are more malls on this list! One of them is Al Ghuraf Shopping Mall in Kuwait which has over 1,000 stores and 13 theaters. And finally there is The Mall of America (MOA) which is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. MOA has nearly 500 stores and 120 places to eat—more than any other shopping center in North America!

Milan, Italy

Milan is a city located in the north of Italy, and it’s home to one of the largest shopping malls in the world. It has a total of seven floors and over 1,500 stores.

New York, USA

New York is the largest city in the United States, but it’s also home to one of the biggest shopping malls in the world. The Westfield Shopping Centre offers more than 1 million square feet of space and can accommodate up to 220 stores.

Westfield Shopping Centre has four floors, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not huge. It has a roof height of 30 metres, which is taller than most homes! But if you fancy something a little smaller, there are other Westfield centres dotted around New York City.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is home to several big shopping malls. For example, Siam Paragon is the 5th largest mall in the world. It has 7 levels of retail and spans 2.3 million square feet! That’s not all – Bangkok also has MBK Shopping Mall, which spans an impressive 3 million square feet and has over 4,000 stores!

Dubai, UAE

The largest shopping mall in the world is located in Dubai, UAE. The Dubai Mall contains a whopping 4,000 shops and restaurants on two levels, as well as a massive aquarium.


There are many shopping centres in the world, but the largest is the Dubai Mall in Dubai, UAE. The mall houses around 1,200 stores and has a total area of more than 5.3 million square feet. The mall also houses a number of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior.