Justin Qualley: All About The Son of Andie MacDowell’s Actress

Justin Qualley is someone you may know. There is no question that his mother, Andie McDowell, is a very well known and established American actress. Even so, Justin Qualley Wiki is the son of actress Andie McDowell and Paul Qualley, her ex-husband. The eldest son of Andie is Justin, the mother of three children.

Justin’s mother is one of America’s most famous personalities. Aside from classic films from the 1980s and 1990s, she has also appeared in contemporary films. She has played major roles in films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Sex, Lies, and Videotape. In addition to Groundhog Day, she also participated in St. Elmo’s fire and Groundhog Day. An A-list celebrity descendant, Justin is a descendant of previous generations. His sisters have begun to emulate their mother’s behavior.

Justin works in the acting industry, right? Despite hearing a lot about the Qualley sisters, Justin has mysteriously disappeared from public view. Follow me as we explore his personality a little more.

Biography of Jeremy Qualley

In addition to being the son of a famous American actress, Justin is also a musician. It is Justin full name. 1986 is the year of his birth. Being an American citizen, he is a citizen of the United States. The ethnicity of this individual is white. It has been 36 years since he was born.

Additionally, Justin is a musician who is the son of Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley. In talking about Justin family, it’s important to also mention his brothers. There are three siblings in this family.

The family of Justin Qualley

Paul Qualley and Andie McDowell are Justin’s parents. In addition to appearing in many classical films, his mother is a popular actress. However, he no longer lives with his parents. Three of Justin’s siblings live with him. While two of them are sisters and one is a brother, Justin is the only sibling. The two sisters he has are Rainey Qualley and Margaret Qualley.

As well as having a high level of intelligence, his two sisters are very innovative, successful, and beautiful. As a result of their successful careers in the industry, both have established a solid foundation for their futures. Each has a passionate and attractive following, as well.

Justin Qualley: All About The Son of Andie MacDowell’s Actress

Justin does not plan on entering this industry, however. Additionally, Qualley dislikes being in the spotlight and avoids the media as much as possible. As well, Justin spends most of his personal time away from the spotlight enjoying his life.

Justin Sisters Facts

  • Among Justin’s sisters, Margaret has earned the honor of being nominated for an Emmy Award.
  • Prior to getting married, Justin’s sister Margaret had always wanted to become a model.
  • Margaret Qualley was born in 1994 and is a supermodel and actress. A drama shot in Palo Alto launched her career in 2013.
  • She gained recognition for her outstanding performance and made numerous film appearances. The history of Margaret’s relationships is extensive. She is currently dating Jack Antonoff, a music producer, musician, and songwriter.
  • Justin has a sister named Rainey Qualley as well. As of 2012, however, she has made her debut. Due to Rainey’s beautiful bloodline and siblings, she is voted Miss Golden Globe 2012.
  • Several of her family members have worked in show business as well, so she is also a part of the entertainment world. Her fame won’t be as great as her sister’s.
  • The cameo roles of Rainey have appeared in numerous television shows and motion pictures. Several of her songwriting and recording projects have been in collaboration with Twin Shadow.

Details about Justin’s social media accounts

Justin is primarily active on the Instagram app. As well as having an official Instagram account, he also has a Twitter account. However, he uses the username @justinqualley on Instagram. The fact that he has few posts and few followers suggests that he does not actively use this platform.

What’s Qualley Justin up to in the Back of the Spotlight?

He is often described as an extremely down-to-earth person by Justin’s mother. There is a report that Justin, Andie’s son, enjoys a relaxed lifestyle. According to her, he and his decisions are of utmost importance to her.

According to reports, he values open spaces for wildlife and enjoys trees and nature. The NY Times reports that he purports to work in Missoula, Montana, in the real estate industry. Meanwhile, Paul Qualley keeps the property for his son.

Career of Justin Qualley

As a real estate agent, Justin Qualley has worked for several years. Having graduated from college, he began his career in this field. The ranch his father owns in Montana is where he now operates as an agent for the local real estate market. The actor’s relationship with his mother, the actress Andie MacDowell, is what makes him most famous.

While his younger sisters are eager to pursue careers in cinema, Justin is wary of it. It was their mother (a well-known film actress) who inspired them to be actors. Consequently, he makes career decisions based on this.