Michaiah Hanks: The Daughter of Chet Hanks’ and Her Mother Tiffany Miles

The name Michaiah Hanks is known to many people. The identity of her mother was revealed by a video posted to her father’s Instagram account months after her birth. While her father did his best to keep her out of the media, she made her first appearance in public in December 2016. The fact that she is Tom Hank’s granddaughter must be even more surprising to you.

Should you still not understand what I am saying, please read on. Tom Hanks’ granddaughter is named what? A well-known actor is the grandfather of Tom Hanks’ granddaughter, Michaiah Hanks. A member of Empire and Shameless, Chester Hanks, is her father as well. A journalist, Tiffany Miles, is Michaiah’s mother. Nevertheless, let’s get into more detail about Hanks Michaiah. Biographical information, career background, Michaiah’s mother, and so on.

Michaiah Hanks: who is he?

The celebrity kid Michael Hanks is of course a celebrity. The United States were the place of her birth on 16 April 2016. In addition to being Chet Hanks’s firstborn, she is Tiffany Miles’ firstborn child. These two actors and musicians are both famous. Although Michaiah’s entire family is in the film industry, he does not work in it. The most well-known aspect of Michaiah is that she is the granddaughter of Tom Hanks, one of the greatest actors of all time. “Empire” and “Shameless” star Chet Hanks is her father.

His greatest blessing is evidently Chet’s daughter. In spite of this, she and her father did not share a romantic relationship.

Hanks Michaiah’ Early Life/Bio

The day she was born in the United States was April 16, 2016, in Los Angeles. Wikipedia says she is the daughter of Chet Hanks and Tiffany Miles, both American singers and actors. A prominent American actress and her granddaughter, Michaiah, are both related. There are no siblings in Michaiah’s family, as he is the only child.

Michaiah, however, has a very different educational background. Currently, Michaiah attends a primary school as a young girl. Although she is only six, she is already a grown up. As far as the name of the institution is concerned, there is no information available.

Hanks Michaiah: Quick Facts

Michaiah Hanks has some interesting facts to share.

Name in full

Michaiah Hanks

Color of hair

The color black

The height of

A height of 3 feet and 1 inch

The nationality of

In the U.S.

Amount of net worth

Approximately $10 million USD (Father)

The profession

Child of a celebrity

The weight

Weight: 19 kilograms

The zodiac


The age of

The age of six

Place of birth

Located in Los Angeles, California, United States

Body measurement

Not applicable


The 16th of April 2016

Aspects of ethnicity

An African American

Color of the eyes

A dark brown color

The mother

Read by Tiffany Miles

A mother’s profession

Journalist with a broadcasting background

The father

Hanks, Chet

Profession as a father

Musician and actor

It’s a religion

Ascension to Christ

Residence at present

Read more about Palm Springs, California

A career overview of Michaiah Hank

As of yet, Michaiah has not begun her professional career. Due to the fact that she is still a student and too young to become a parent. Although her parents have taken care of her, they have been successful in their careers as well.

First of all, Chester Hanks, her father, is an actor and musician. The film Bratz marked the beginning of his acting career. The character of Dexter is played by him in this film. As well as Shameless and Empire, both of which were TV shows, he worked as a producer. His popularity stemmed mainly from these shows. Do It Better is undoubtedly a song he has released as a recording artist.

In addition, the mother of Michaiah, Tiffany Miles. She holds a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from California State University. As an experienced researcher, reporter, anchor, fact-checker, writer, and producer, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the role.

Lifestyle and Net Worth

Michaiah Hanks, Daughter of Chet Hanks’ and Her Mother Tiffany Miles

According to Hanks Michaiah’ net worth, she lives a lavish lifestyle with her family and is happy. Playing with her luxury toys, she appears to be enjoying herself. Also, her parents’ social media accounts show her posing with expensive dolls. Consequently, we know her family is wealthy.

Chet Hanks has roughly $3 million in assets inherited from her father. The wealth he has acquired is undoubtedly used by him for his pleasure. Additionally, Chet Hank is a motorbike enthusiast. As well as Harley-Davidsons, he has a collection of them. As opposed to Michaiah’s multimillionaire grandfather. In 2021, Tom Hank‘s net worth totaled $400 million. A similar amount was earned in 2021 by Rita Wilson, her grandmother.

Frequently Asked Questions (also asked by others)

Chet Hanks has a child, right?

He has been nominated for two Oscars and won many other honors, making him perhaps Hollywood’s most agreeable star. His two granddaughters, however, are not intrigue by that.

Tom’s relationship with Chet Hanks: what did he say?

In his childhood, the rapper says, “I was met with scorn, ill will, and a lot of pessimism, because everyone was simply ready to demean me.” Without anyone to guide him, he experienced a lot of scorn, ill will, and pessimism.

Abraham Lincoln’s brother, Tom Hanks, is he related?

During a 2012 interview with the Daily Mail, Hanks revealed his ties to Lincoln. In this manner, Hanks is Lincoln’s third cousin, multiple times eliminated by Ancestry.com’s genealogists