4 Best Toronto Pearson Airport Taxi Service Providers

As Canada’s largest airport, Toronto Pearson (YYZ) transports over 50 million passengers per year. With such high demand, catching a taxi at Pearson can be confusing. Luckily, this guide compares the top four taxi services at Pearson Airport across key categories like fares, vehicles, accessibility, and service quality.

Toronto parson Airport Taxi: Leading Provider with Large Fleet

Toronto parson Airport Taxi is a trusted name in Toronto taxi services, operating a sizable fleet of over 30+ vehicles. Standard cars, vans, and SUVs make up most of their taxis, including about 50 wheelchair accessible vehicles. Booking methods include curbside hail, telephone dispatch, their app, or designating a pickup point online. 

Wait times average 10-15 minutes for standard Beck taxis arriving at Pearson terminals. But those needing wheelchair vehicles should call 24 hours ahead to guarantee availability. Beck also accommodates service animals in their airport taxi rides. Fares follow city-rates set by the meter, costing roughly $60-$70 to downtown Toronto.

Co-Op Cabs: Top Notch Booking Experience

Similar to Beck Taxi in size and scope, Co-Op Cabs distinguishes themselves with an easy smartphone app booking experience. Available taxi types consist of everything from hybrid Priuses to wheelchair and stretcher accessible vans.

Using their app, you can expect an airport pickup within 10 minutes. Other booking channels involve calling an agent or hailing curbside when safe. Dispatchers estimate fares upfront so you aren’t surprised at your final cost into Toronto, which aligns closely with Beck Taxi’s prices. 

Crown Limo: For Luxury Airport Transfers

Those seeking luxury will find Crown Limo ready to roll out the red carpet with premium vehicles like Mercedes, BMWs, and Cadillac Escalades. Expect to pay steep prices for the privilege however, with base fares starting at $100 to downtown Toronto before extras like meet/greet service.

Ideal for business travelers or special occasions, Crown Limo allows ride booking via their website or phone. Travelers get their own private chauffeur wearing professional attire. The sleek, high-end cars can fit 2 to 5 passengers with luggage depending on vehicle selected from their 21-car fleet.

Uber: App-Based Taxi Alternative

Rideshare giant Uber operates UberX, UberXL, and Uber Taxi services at Pearson Airport. Using their app, travelers can expect pickup at specified zones in 5-10 minutes. Uber displays upfront fares based on distance and demand. At Pearson, they essentially operate as standard taxis with professional drivers not always in official cabs.

Wheelchair accessible UberWAVs are available when requested at least 12 hours ahead. Prices remain affordable compared to legacy taxi brands. And the Uber rating system lets travelers provide feedback, promoting accountable, satisfactory service.  


For hassle-free taxi rides, toronto pearson airport Taxi and Co-Op Cabs are leading contenders thanks to short wait times, wide range vehicle options, and predictable metered pricing. Uber works in a pinch too with lower minimum fares. Or splurge on for-hire Crown Limo premium rides to arrive or depart in pure sophistication.

With this taxi overview, the next time you pass through bustling Toronto Pearson Airport, you can confidently navigate ground transportation with ease using the service best suited to your needs.