5 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Throwing a Memorable Birthday Party

Memorable Birthday Party

Celebrating a loved one’s birthday on a budget may mean thinking outside the box, but it’s still possible to make them feel special without splashing the cash. There are plenty of ways to have a fun and memorable celebration without breaking the bank. Below are just a few ideas for throwing a memorable birthday party, … Read more

How To Start A Events Planner Agency In The Uk?

How To Start A Events Planner Agency In The Uk

Starting an Events Planner Agency in the UK is a challenging and rewarding profession. This article will give you tips on how to get your new company off the ground and what you need to consider before jumping in. For many, the idea of event planning is incredibly appealing. You get to organize meetings and … Read more

What Is Event Tourism?

What Is Event Tourism

Event tourism is a type of tourism that people participate in for the purpose of attending an event. It’s also known as event-driven tourism or special event. This type of travel can occur at any time, but it often happens during major events like the Olympics or World Cup. The goal of event video is … Read more