5 Pros And Cons Of Using VPN

VPN servers are created to protect your data from being stolen by intruders. In this article, you will learn everything about why you should and should not use a Pros And Cons Of Using VPN. An excellent and reputable VPN for Turkey might become your good friend and saver.

When being an active Internet user, you need to take care of your safety. This will ensure a positive user experience and allow you to avoid multiple problems in the future. In this case, a VPN extension would be quite to the point.

What is a VPN?

A VPN extension is a virtual private network represented by an encrypted connection between two computers. Once using a VeePN, you make your computer connect to a server. Your device will use information from that server to browse the Internet instead of using its actual network data. All websites tracking user data will see the data from the VPN server instead of those of your device.

VPN disadvantages

Before we start talking about the advantages of VPN,  let’s see what its drawbacks are. However, its benefits obviously are much bigger than these little shortcomings. Be aware of them anyways.

Slower Internet speed

A common belief about a VPN for app says that it slows your internet connection down. It may happen if you use a bad provider. In most cases though, if using a reliable service, you increase the speed of your network. The truth is that your Internet provider reduces your speed after you use a certain amount of data. You don’t even know about it but your connection is slower than before.

With a good VPN, you avoid this problem. Your provider doesn’t see your actual IP address and simply cannot reduce your speed anymore. Lower Internet speed is quite a rhetorical notion. If you install a reliable VeePN, you will hardly face that issue.

Some websites can bypass your VPN

Some websites have VPN-bypassing software and no matter how good your VPN is, they can still spot and bypass it. It also depends on whether you use a free or paid app or extension. Free ones cannot guarantee bypassing a local network completely. If the website has very strong VPN-tracking software, then your VPN might not work.

The advantages of VPN software

Below, you will find the most obvious VPN pros and cons that will definitely overweight all the shortcomings mentioned above.

Unlocking geo-restricted content

The first and foremost thing people use a VPN for is to unblock the content they cannot see due to their location. Such channels as Netflix or Hulu are not available in some regions. Therefore, having a VPN means accessing them hassle-free no matter where you are located.

You might have a subscription to them but travel often for work, let’s say, to Turkey. In this case, you will not be able to enjoy all ongoing Netflix shows in this country because not everything available for the US market is available for other countries.

The same concerns educational platforms or different websites. Not all of them are available for your geo location. With a VPN, you can always bypass those limitations and enjoy all possible content.

Complete safety

Geo-restricted content is not the only thing that attracts VPN users. Safety is what you need when browsing the Internet and you can reach it thanks to choosing a VPN for app. As mentioned already, a VPN tool changes your IP address and hides your current one. No intruders can access your data, bank and credit card details, and other crucial information you disclose on the network every single day.

We use tons of websites daily. Even when checking your mail on the phone, you allow different websites to collect your data and know everything about it. They do it, first of all, thanks to knowing your IP address. When not seeing real addresses, they simply cannot collect all that information. No, there is nothing wrong with seeing your data. However, that information is vulnerable and can be abused by intruders.

By knowing, for instance, your email address and phone number, they can easily access your bank information and use it for their purposes. A VPN will save you from that problem, of course, if used regularly.

A VPN saves you money on e-commerce

Many e-commerce platforms establish different price ranges for different locations. If you are connected to another server and want to buy a game or software, for example, you can do it at a much lower cost. Naturally, people from the UK or Iceland pay more than those in Easter Europe or Turkey. If your goal is to save money on your purchases, then a VPN is a good solution.

These are the most obvious pros and cons of using a VPN. Naturally, the benefits are much higher and better than those little shortcomings. VPNs may not simply unblock geo-restricted content for you but also save you from intruders. There is no need to underestimate it and neglect your safety.

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