4 Reasons Why VPN Is Still Actual In 2023

It seems that the times of the relevance of the VPN are long gone. People started to forget about this helpful tool and their own privacy. Although we all keep using different websites and networks even more than before, we are not that concerned about safety anymore. We should be though.

A VPN extension is one of those things that will help you never forget about being safe. In fact, no one created anything better for protecting online users yet. Below, you will find information about how VPN is important and why VPN Is Still Actual up-to-date this year and still will be next year.

Stay away from hackers

Hackers never rest and they will hardly do it even in 2023. Therefore, one of the main means of protection from them is a free Chrome VPN or any other VPN extension for your browser or device. A very fast VPN will hide your current IP address, i.e. everything intruders need to get your information. A VPN extension for Chrome is required to connect your computer to another server. This will help you avoid the problem of data leaks.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with having your IP address disclosed to different companies and their websites. There is really nothing wrong with it. However, this information is all any hacker needs to get more. Knowing your actual IP address, the intruder will easily learn your name, email address, phone, and credit card details. It’s not difficult to guess what they will do with this data.

If you do not want to become a victim of hackers or intruders stealing your financial data, it is better to protect yourself and a VeePN is the easiest way to do that.

Access blocked content

One of the reasons to use VPN nowadays and forever is free access to geo-restricted content. Plenty of people want to enjoy the content available for the USA or UK users but restricted in their countries. It relates to specific websites, paid channels like Netflix or Amazon, educational platforms, and other sources.

If you live in the USA, for instance, and have a Netflix subscription but need to travel abroad, you will not be able to use your subscription there and enjoy the content you used to, unfortunately. Not everything available in your country is available abroad and vice versa. Just turn your VPN for Chrome on and enjoy everything you want to.

Secure your working environment

A VPN extension is often used by corporations and businesses and they have good reasons for that. Corporate information is too precious. It has to be well protected, especially when plenty of workers use your Internet connection, emails, and corporate computers.

VPNs solve these issues very well. If you do not want your working data to be disclosed to your competitors, hackers, or just intruders, make sure to use a VPN for your working computer or laptop. Even if you do not run a business and do not have plenty of employees dealing with crucial data back and forth, you should better protect your laptop, especially when using public WiFi.

Increased Internet connection

Common beliefs about a VPN for Chrome slowing down the Internet speed are roaming all over the Internet. It may really happen if your extension is not reliable. However, when using a VPN from a reputable provider, you will easily avoid this problem and vice versa, boost your Internet connection.

Not many people are aware of speed limitations by their Internet providers. Usually, it is written in very small font in your agreement and you hardly know about it even. The truth is after you use a certain number of data given by your provider, they are entitled to reduce your speed. You often wonder why your connection is that slow but this is how the provider works.

When a VPN is on, your IP address is changed and your provider doesn’t see your data anymore. They cannot see your server or how much data you use. Try to have your VPN on always when playing games, watching movies, or just downloading different content. You will see that your speed is much higher than usual in the middle of the month.

Bypass government censorship

Plenty of governments censor the Internet. With a VeePN, it will be easy to avoid censorship and access all content they do not want you to access. No worries, you do not breach any laws by doing that. Using VPNs is absolutely legal. Unfortunately, not all websites want you to do that and use VPN tracking software. If you pick a good provider and a reliable extension or app for your browser or device, you will be able to bypass their software and still access the content you need.

Is VPN still up-to-date in 2023? It definitely is and it surely will be quite to the point next year and most likely, a long time after that.