Benefits of playing Video Games

Video games have become a great source of entertainment while staying at home. People from all age groups love to play games to refresh their minds from hustle and bustle of life. The objective of entertainment is fulfilled when video games are provided to avid gamers in the language that they understand. For this reason, many gaming companies take the assistance of game translation services when releasing games in foreign markets. Apart from entertainment, there are many benefits of playing video games. 

Advantages of Playing Video Games

Many people think that playing video games is waste of time. Let’s prove this thing wrong by understanding the advantages of playing video games.

Video Games Can Improve Your Vision

Playing video games improves vision. The research was conducted on 10 males that are not gamers. They were made to sit for 30 hours in front of action games to learn the game and then they are compared with 10-non-gamers. The result revealed that those who were made to sit for 30 hours can see objects more clearly than 10 nongamers. This is because playing game improves spatial resolution.

They can see smaller things and can give attention to details which are very important for individual growth. Thus if you want your child to have a clear vision and he or she can give attention to detail then you must let them play games. If the game that they want to play is not in their native language then you can take assistance from video game translation services

Enhances Hand-to-Eye Coordination

Another advantage of playing games is that it enhances hand-to-eye coordination. The research was conducted at the University of Toronto in 2014. The result concluded that playing games daily increases sensorimotor skills. These skills make people fast learners. Moreover, it increases hand-to-eye coordination in tasks like driving and typing. 

Another research was held. It included 18 gamers and 18 non-gamers. They were given the task of joining green dots with the mouse on their screens. At first, the result of both groups was the same. Later with the repeated tasks, it was concluded that 18 gamers were fast in their hand-to-eye coordination. 

They produced results with great speed and accuracy. If you want to enhance the hand-to-eye coordination of your child then you should provide them with the latest games that are in their native language. Professional translation agency can be of great help in this regard. 

Quick and Fast Decision Maker

The University of Rochester researched 25 people that played action games and found out that gamers can make quick and fast decisions that can be of great help to them in real life. This decision-making skill can help in many areas of life like business, hospitals, and battlefields.

The important thing to keep in mind is that people can play action games properly in their native language and enhance their decision-making skills. Here gamers can take assistance from a translation services company. These companies can provide robust video game translation services in different language pairs. 

Develops Social Skills

Many games can make people antisocial. However, other games develop social skills in the person. In some games, people have to voice chat or send a text. It improves the ability to interact with different kinds of people. The social aspect of games has ousted the anti-social prospect. 

For this reason, many schools also conduct gaming competitions among students regarding their favorite topics. Many clubs and e-sport teams are also developed because of games. Although games increase social skills behind the screen. It is important to keep a balance between physical interaction and behind-the-screen interaction. 

Completion of Tasks on Time

Video games also inculcate another quality in people which is completing a task with efficiency. A study was conducted by James C Rosser in 2007. They analyzed abdomen surgery among young surgeons that used to play games.

The result revealed that playing games have a good effect on them performing surgery quicker with accuracy.  The study further concluded that surgeons that used to play games have 37% fewer errors. Moreover, they completed their tasks 27% at a higher speed than non-gamers. 

Video Games Help Children Dealing with Dyslexia

The research was conducted at the University of Padua. They concluded that playing video games increases children reading speed. That research was conducted on 10 children with dyslexia.

They observed significant improvement in their reading speed. This research seemed best for children’s academic difficulties with Dyslexia. The study further revealed that brain circuits get stimulated when provided children with gaming targets. It helps the children to combat the letters that appear jumbled  to them 

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed the benefits of video games. Adults and children can get take leverage from these benefits if the game is in their native language. A child living in China will prefer to play games in the Chinese language rather than Japanese. In such a situation, Chinese translation services can be of great help. These benefits can help adults and children to get success in real life. Are you ready to take benefit of video games translation services?