10 Best Food Companies in UK

Food companies in the United Kingdom are one of the fastest expanding industries, contributing significantly to the country’s economy. Food Manufacturing and Beverages companies have evolved significantly over the last several years in the United Kingdom, with annual sales exceeding 95 Billion GBP. Let’s have a look at the top 10 food companies in the United Kingdom, which are mentioned below.

Top 10 Food Companies in the UK

1. Associated British Foods PLC

This company was founded in 1935 as Food Investments Limited. Since then, it has evolved significantly as a comprehensive food manufacturing company in the United Kingdom, eventually becoming Associated British Foods Limited in 1960. This company today operates in more than 53 countries and employs more than 1,33,000 people. This company has production facilities located across the world and also offers worldwide retailing services.

2. CP Foods UK Limited

This is a multinational food production company that collaborates with several restaurants, retailers, and manufacturers worldwide. They offer contemporary, creative, and sustainable food industry services. This food company engages in a variety of industries, including retail, food services, business-to-business (B2B), and manufacturing.

This company is a BRCS Food Safety Certified company. Additionally, this company has several prominent accreditations, indicating that it is a reputable one.

3. Approved Food

Approved Food is a company with approximately 2000 products available in stores, including name products, ex-supermarket items, cupboard fillers, and department store items. This company provides substantial savings on a variety of beverages, food, and other home supplies.

The most obvious benefit of this company is that you may save up to £60 on your monthly shopping when compared to other brand products.

4. Good Food Company

The Good Food Company is a family-owned and operated company. This company is the exclusive representative for a number of well-known food brands, including Organix, Santa Maria, Geeta’s, and Discovery Foods. They also want to offer emerging brands like Wedel, My Motto, Maretti, and Tago in the United Kingdom.

This company serves as the official online distributor for all products offered on the webstore. They are effective in a wide food of food products, including herbs, spices, gluten- and wheat-free foods, and many more.

5. Glendale Foods

Glendale Foods was founded in 1980. This company has grown to become a market leader in processed meat, snacks, and protein foods such as prepared sausages, meatballs, burgers, dumplings, and cold snacks.

This company primarily services the travel sector, including airlines, bars, and restaurants, as well as wholesale and catering contracts. In the United Kingdom, this company owns two distinct brands: Yankee Brand and the Pudding Company.

6. The Little Big Food Company

The Little Big Food Company is one of the largest distributors of chilled and frozen food in the United Kingdom, specialising in vegetarian and vegan foods, as well as pizza and party foods. This company has cooperated with a diverse variety of industries, from manufacturing to logistics to retail.

This company has been in this sector for more than two decades. ASDA, Tesco, and several more are among their consumers.

7. Fresh Food Company

The Fresh Food Company was founded in 2008, although it had previously operated as a tiny sector. This was first run by Paul Thompson, who created this company intending to grow it into a large food company in the United Kingdom.

This company offers high-quality foods produced by skilled chefs as well as a diverse selection of gourmet meals. This company operates across the United Kingdom and Scotland.

8. Weetabix Food Company

Bennison Osbourne and Malcolm MacFarlane founded the Weetabix Food Company in 1932. They both began manufacturing a new innovative cereal. This company was later renamed Weetabix Limited in 1936. From then till today, it’s been all about the company’s huge expansion in the food business via the provision of a diverse selection of high-quality food products.

9. Smylies

Smylies is an Irish food and beverage company founded in 1840. James Smylie and Donald Smylie created this company. This company is well-known for its bacon that has been expertly prepared. Later on, this company expanded to include distribution hubs in the Isle of Man, Liverpool, and Birmingham. J. Smylie and Sons Ltd has been appointed as Danish Bacon’s agent.

10. Grace Foods UK

Grace Foods UK Ltd is a Grace Kennedy subsidiary. The company’s headquarters are located in Kingston, Jamaica. This is a worldwide corporation that is involved in product sales, marketing, and production.

This company provides superior products across the United Kingdom and Europe. Additionally, they own several additional companies, including Enco Products, Chadha Oriental Foods, and Funnybones Foodservice.

Wrapping Up

The food and beverage business is one of the fastest expanding and most profitable sectors of the world. I hope this article has educated you on some of the leading food companies in the United Kingdom.