10 Best Football Clubs in UK

England is recognized as the birthplace of football, with over 500 clubs. It’s unsurprising that several British clubs have dominated not just domestic championships, but also on a European scale. Which football clubs are the largest in the United Kingdom? This must have been a point of contention in your discussions.

It’s quite tough to evaluate a club properly, but we’ve done our best to compile a list of the ten finest Best Football Clubs in UK based on income, jersey sales, and fan following. While many of you would disagree with the ranking, we have analyzed it to determine the world’s largest football club based in the United Kingdom.

1. Manchester United

Manchester United is the second-largest football club in the world, behind Real Madrid. The Red Devils are the world’s most renowned soccer club, having a global fan following.

The club’s history and heritage speak for itself, demonstrating why United is considered one of Europe’s most successful clubs. United has dominated the Premier League with a 20-year winning streak.

Additionally, the Mancunians have won the FA Cup 12 times, the League Cup five times, the European Cup/Champions League three times (1968, 1999, 2008), the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup once (1991), the Europa League once (2017), and the FIFA World Cup once (2017). (2008).

2. Liverpool

Liverpool, one of the Premier League’s most successful clubs, have failed to produce a great performance on paper but remains the country’s second-largest football club.

The club’s renaissance under Jurgen Klopp has shown the club’s genuine greatness to the world. Liverpool’s 30-year drought for a Premier League title came to an end as they won the 2019/20 season.

Liverpool has won several trophies and has been a successful club in Europe despite the impasse. 18 times in the English First Division/Premier League, seven times in the FA Cup, eight times in the League Cup, six times in the European Cup/Champions League, and once in the UEFA Cup (1973, 1976, 2001)

3. Chelsea

Chelsea has maintained a consistent place among the Premier League’s top six. Chelsea has always maintained a strong reputation and a respectable record thanks to the presence of exceptional homegrown players and some of the greatest skilled footballers.

Their trophy cabinet is extensive, with the Blues having won the English First Division/Premier League six times, the FA Cup eight times, the League Cup five times, the Champions League (2012), the Europa League twice (2013, 2019), and the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1971, 1998).

4. Arsenal

Arsenal, London’s most successful and largest soccer club, has long dominated English football.

While Arsenal’s play has been variable over the last several years, their trophy cabinet belies their present unhappiness. Arsenal has won a total of 30 trophies. Arsine Wenger’s invincible of the 2003/04 Premier League season were the greatest of them.

The club has won 13 English Premier League/first division championships, 14 FA Cups, two League Cups, and one European Cup winner’s Cup. Mikel Arleta’s team are presently tenth in the Premier League and out of contention for a European berth. Their only chance of winning silverware this season is in the Europa League.

5. Celtic

Celtic is Europe’s most unappreciated and undervalued club, with a devoted fan base. The club has been the most dominating force in Scottish football and has been voted the greatest in the country’s history. The club’s list of accomplishments is astonishing.

Celtic made history by being the first club in the United Kingdom to win the European Cup (Champions League). They have won the Scottish League 50 times, the Scottish Cup 39 times, the Scottish League Cup 18 times, and the European Cup (1967), for a total of 107 trophies.

6. Tottenham Hotspur

As with a few other clubs on this list, the Spurs have not seen recent success but have won significant trophies in the past.

They have won the English Premier League twice, the FA Cup eight times, the League Cup four times, the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1963), and the UEFA Cup / Europa League thrice (1972, 1984). Their most recent victory came in 2008 when they won the League Cup. They finished second in the final of the 2018/19 Champions League.

7. Manchester City

Manchester City’s progress over the previous decade has been extraordinary, with the club’s fan base expanding significantly around the world. It is presently considered as one of Europe’s premier clubs. The days of the City as a relegation-battling mid-table club are long gone. Since the Arab investment, the club has risen to prominence.

Citizens have won six Premier League titles and finished second six times. Four of their six Premier League championships been won in the recent decade. They’ve won five FA Cups and seven League Cups. Guardiola’s squad is still looking for their first piece of European silverware and will pursue it in the next Champions League.

8. Everton

Everton is one of six Premier League clubs that have never been relegated. While the Toffees have not recently won any silverware, they do have their share of trophies. They have won the English championship nine times and finished the second seven times.

They have won the FA Cup five times and finished as runners-up eight times. Cup Winners’ Cup of Europe (1985). Only three clubs in England have won more league championships than Everton. Carlo Ancelotti’s hiring has rejuvenated this club’s spirit, and they are eager to bring European evenings back to Goodison Park.

9. Aston Villa

Aston Villa’s current form and playing style do not reflect the club’s incredible history. Once a strong force in Europe, Villa presently sits in the English Premier League’s mid-table. However, they have before tasted greatness.

Villa has won the English championship/premier league seven times and finished second ten times. They have won seven FA Cups and five League Cups. The most noteworthy trophies they have won are the 1981/82 Champions League and the 1982 UEFA Super Cup.

10. Rangers FC

Rangers FC is one of Scotland’s two most renowned and dominating football clubs. They had a wonderful and victorious history before facing collapse and being demoted to Scottish football’s fourth flight in 2012. They have once again shown their real quality and have reclaimed the Scottish premiership.

They are presently managed by Steven Gerrard and are 20 points ahead of second-placed Celtic. This season, they participated in the Champions League.

They have previously won the Scottish League (54 times), the Scottish Cup (33 times), the Scottish League Cup (27 times), and the European Cup Winners’ Cup (27 times) (1972)