10 Best Health and Fitness Companies in UK

Health, in our opinion, is always the starting point. Without first taking care of yourself, you cannot be a good employer, colleague, friend, or husband. And we are not alone. More and more companies are realizing that healthy employees are also more productive and motivated. According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, companies get an average return of $2.71 on every dollar spent in wellness through greater productivity, less absenteeism, and lower healthcare costs.

As a response, a small industry of workplace health companies has developed over the past several decades, providing a diverse range of services and solutions. However, with so many solutions available, how can you choose the best solution for your organization? That is when we enter the picture. We’ve prepared a list of the best health, wellness, and fitness companies in the country, those with the best national reach, the most extensive programmed, and a proven track record of success.

The following are the 10 best health and fitness companies in the United Kingdom that make it easier for employees to live better lives and make working at your company even more enjoyable.

1. Wellable

Wellable is a workplace health and wellness technology platform that allows businesses to develop programmes that support workers’ well-being by engaging them in comprehensive well-being training modules and activities. To optimise interaction, Wellable supports its digital experience with onsite services and rewards administration. This results in a healthier, happier, and more productive staff, as well as increased business performance. Wellable collaborates with employers and health plans of all sizes worldwide, having active users in over 23 countries.

2. Bonusly

Bonusly was created as a seamless solution to enhance the employee experience by using the power of recognition and incentives to bring colleagues together. Bonusly’s reimbursable awards are ideal for any workplace health initiative because they incentivize healthy behaviours that contribute to the strength of your workplace culture.

Using Bonusly’s social recognition reward programmed in the following ways — rewarding employees for completing daily, weekly, and monthly health challenges such as Bike to Work Day, Flu Shot Friday, a company step challenge, or participating in a vegetarian chilli cook-off.

3. Laughter On Call

As the proverb goes, “laughing is the best medicine,” the team at Laughter On Call is committed to improving workplace culture via pleasure (and a few jokes). The objective of Laughter On Call is to foster connection via shared laughter. They’ve delivered their virtual events to over 100 remote, hybrid, and in-person companies over the last year, in some instances linking teams from all over the globe.

With services such as their “Happier Hour,” Laughter Training Workshops, and Laughter Gym, Laughter On Call brings their team of empathetic and inclusive professional comedians to your workplace to engage your employees in improv and stand-up comedy games and instruct them useful comedian tools to improve connectivity.

4. Remote Team Wellness

Are you seeking a way to improve the wellness and health of your remote workforce but are unsure where to begin? We recommend beginning with an expert visiting your team online to discuss health!

Remote Team Wellness is the global leader in live-taught virtual wellbeing experiences for teams, focusing on 1-hour and half-day virtual health courses on topics like mental health, stress prevention, meditation, physical and nutritional health, and more.

Remote Team Wellness has worked with teams from Facebook, L’Oreal, and Remote.com, among others, to organize expert-led, private health events that provide teams with practical lessons and tools to improve their health. All members of your team need to do is show up for the scheduled session; the Remote Staff Wellness team will take care of the rest.

5. Sonic Boom Wellness

Sonic Boom Wellness is renowned for its ability to produce true engagement and long-term health improvement (whether employees work remotely or onsite) because they build programmed that people WANT to participate in.

Sonic Boom’s ground-breaking engagement software enhances motivation and responsibility via competition, social connection, positive reinforcement, interactive teaching, and well-designed reward systems – all contained inside a complete and mobile wellness centre.

And because Sonic Boom is a specialized “boutique” vendor (rather than a behemoth with thousands of clients), they can provide hands-on, consultative service that alleviates the administrative burden associated with running a robust programmed while tailoring best practices to each unique employer’s needs and goals.

6. GoodRx

As is the case with the majority of human resource managers, you are aware that even covered employees might incur large out-of-pocket payments for prescription medications. Fortunately, as the nation’s leading prescription medication discount programmed, GoodRx can assist your employees in saving money on prescription drugs.

For example, whereas insurance companies sometimes charge $15 or $20 copays, GoodRx offers hundreds of medications for less than $10. Numerous items are $5 or less! GoodRx is recognized in more than 70,000 pharmacies nationwide and is completely free for employers and employees. Additionally, there are no deductibles, pre-authorizations, or medication tiers – simply affordable prescription pharmaceuticals for your employees.

7. Virgin Pulse

At the core of Virgin’s service is technology that helps employees develop healthy living habits and improves their overall quality of life. Their product package includes smartphone applications, fitness trackers, and comprehensive analytics, as well as seamless connections with a wide variety of devices – including Amazon’s Alexa. Additionally, the company introduced the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge in May 2017.

The initiative included 300,000 employees from 185 countries on a 100-day virtual trip that encompassed physical exercise, healthy food, stress resilience, sleep quality, and good behaviours. Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, even joined in on the fun.

8. American Specialty Health

While American Specialty Health (ASH) began in founder George Devries’ spare bedroom 30 years ago, the company has grown to become one of the most extensive services for employers and healthcare providers in the United States.

Their network comprises over 60,000 specialized healthcare practitioners that can give your employees the services they need to live better lives. We like ASH’s unique combination of musculoskeletal health plan integration, fitness and exercise services, and more comprehensive health management solutions. Additionally, they really do provide something for everyone, with no-cost, low-cost, and reimbursement-based plans available.

9. Sprout

Occasionally, the results of a wellness programmed are transient. This is not the case with Sprout. Their programmed and solutions are purpose-built to provide demonstrable, long-term outcomes. They do this using their web platform and mobile app, which give insights and analytics and combine data on absenteeism, engagement, and performance in order to provide insights, action plans, and real-time ROI. However, what we like most about Sprout is their dedication to providing best-in-class service. Rather than overloading you with tools and capabilities and leaving you to fend for yourself, the company is there every step of the way to give instruction and best practices.

10. Psocratic

Psocratic is entirely customizable. Their solutions are tailored to your business and tailored to each employee. Their engaging, user-friendly experience advises activities and equips your employees with growth-inspiring resources. All of this is implemented through a layer of social connectedness, which makes their programmed more enjoyable and transparent while also instilling a sense of friendly rivalry. Additionally, Psocratic works well for organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.


Maintaining a healthy and happy workforce is crucial, and with so many workplace health and fitness companies available to assist you, your business has no excuse to battle the wave. Keep these in mind as you search for a workplace health company to assist your company!