Blockchain-Based Crypto Investment Funds

We’ll talk about fascinating topics like Blockchain, the technology behind Crypto Investment, and bitcoin, which has many potential uses in other areas. You can click here to register and increase your knowledge accordingly.

Blockchain is a confusing topic for many, but the truth is that people lose a lot with this topic because they think it is the same as Bitcoin. We will give a clear idea about Blockchain if we summarize many of them in the definition for simplicity.

We have the database, record of transaction information or traceability of transactions or monitoring of them, and assets. Again, these can be tangible or intangible. Behind all this, it has a structure that offers certain security advantages, transparency of doing things in real-time, and permanence.

It is a type of information registration database with particular security and transparency characteristics useful for multiple companies and sectors.

The revolutionary Blockchain

It is broad across all sectors and can be applied to any company that records transaction information and tracks these assets. Various analysts believe it will be much more revolutionary than the Internet when it came in.

It’s fascinating to have a blockchain fund right now; Why do you invest in this technology? You should comment a little on how it is used to see the breadth of ideas. In the specific case of The Active Management Fund, active management is a critical thematic fund because it is the best way to track performance.

In the case of Blockchain, we are talking about a technology initially, more or less its development out of the essential than the financial. So yes, it’s tied to Crypto Investment, but it’s not just Investment crypto.

There are three fundamental pillars of Blockchain:

  • Assets financial, corporate, and tokenized
  • Registry
  • Digital action of a tangible asset

Blockchain founders

Indeed, little is known about the founders of the Blockchain, only that they were a group of people or one person nobody knows. But, back in 2008, they created Blockchain technology; it was the technological base of the new currency that would be used a year later to make the first virtual currency or cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, followed by many others.

At that time, a new revolution had started. Blockchain, without a doubt, was the basis of the core technology of this new currency. This revolution has now culminated in a global phenomenon in which governments and companies in the public and private sectors are dedicated to creating more value, changing, and solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

Many tycoon billionaires maintain reservations on this issue.

What is the Blockchain Founders Fund?

It is important to emphasize that Block AM is a founder in investing digital assets with the highest performance globally. In addition to being the manager and creator in 2017 and being the main in GFIA, they were engaged in recognized cryptocurrencies in the Luxembourg organizer ( CSSF ).

For 2019, various blockchain associations, North American and European, raised a total of 4.3 billion dollars; therefore, the accumulated fund acquired 20 billion dollars.

After a few years of bad luck for blockchain companies, investors have flocked to this sector this year, putting capital on the table for numerous start-ups for a global amount of 2.9 billion dollars.

The company Electric Capital will project a fund aimed at commercial activities with cryptocurrencies and Blockchain 110 million dollars, which will participate with the support of directors of large companies and philanthropic foundations and associations of university funds.


The increase in the number of companies dealing with Crypto Investment and the continued interest in blockchain technology stimulates progress in this sector. Comparatively, in recent years, many venture capital firms have begun to compete decisively with blockchain companies.

Digital or crypto assets will become more popular with big investors over the years, so what is now a dangerous investment idea in the future will be the financial base of big corporations.

In turn, these renowned organizations will transmit to their users the use and management of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, through remote access, with the generation of jobs, or simply sales and transaction operations for the services provided.

Everyone will have to be informed and educated about this new technology that will bring significant benefits to anyone who knows how to use it.

Blockchain technology is not temporary; it is here to stay; it is where many organizations are setting their goals to streamline their processes and increase profitability.