Ethereum: Cryptokitties

The world of cryptocurrencies is not limited to one cryptocurrency, but is presented in the form of thousands of dissimilar digital assets that are intended not only to replace existing means of payment in the near future. In the application, you can find about a hundred of the most popular digital assets, but ETH will definitely be among them. And few cryptocurrency holders have heard or know what crypto cats are and how they relate to Ethereum or Ether (ETH).

What are Crypto Kitties?

If on a mobile phone many users spent time playing Angry Birds, then in Ethereum Cryptokitties became such a game. These crypto cats not only attracted hundreds of new users to the platform, but also became the first blockchain game. ETH holders could buy crypto cats for 20 ETH. But crypto cats were considered not just an interesting investment.

Over time, it became clear that crypto cats can multiply, which means adding more trouble to their owner – and ether. As for the first blockchain game – really good. And crypto cats have turned into blockchain mania – blockchain madness. But these cats could only be bought with ether.

And so the number of Ethereum holders has rapidly increased. What numbers are we talking about? If that’s 180,000 new users, isn’t that amazing? These new users came for ether in order to acquire at least one crypto kitty – which can reproduce. That’s all. Of course, the developers did not stop there – and a whole world appears where crypto cats can rule. Many Ethereum holders became the first blockchain collectors, having acquired at least one crypto cat.

The Cryptokitties team assures that they did not expect the project to take off and become so popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They hoped that the project would become popular, but not so quickly, and not with so many people who wanted to get a crypto kitty in their collection. Cryptokitty was considered precisely as an investment, nothing else. Since at that time cryptocurrencies were not considered as a means of payment, and many experts relied on a digital financial asset. Therefore, the cryptokitty appeared more than ever on time.

The CEO of Coinbase, a well-known trading platform for cryptocurrencies, recalls 2014. And he assures that there was talk in the community that cryptocurrencies have the potential to become a new means of payment. But the most discussed topic was not cryptocurrencies used as a means of payment, but crypto cats.

What was the essence of the game? Everything was so simple that some might find it ridiculous. But still no one could stop this invasion. When buying crypto cats with unique DNA, its holder will have to find another crypto cat and wait for the birth of a new one with its unique characteristics. And not always cats will please the owners. Sometimes crypto kitties become a real disappointment.