Nano Machine: The Manhwa That Will Have You Hooked From Page One

How many of you have witnessed a manhwa that hooked you from the first page and made you want to keep reading? Hanjungwolya and Geumgangbulgoe’s nanomachine series is one you shouldn’t miss. Especially nano machine 115 and the follow-up!

A young orphan from the Demonic Cult, Cheon Yeo-Woon, is treated with contempt and his life is at risk at the start of the narrative. His descendant from the future unexpectedly visits him and implants a nanomachine into his body in place of his previous device.

Cheon Yeo Woon’s life drastically changes when the machine is activated. Nano Machine 115 reveals that Cheon Yeo-Woon’s journey to attain the rank of top martial artist is still very much in its infancy. You won’t be able to put NanoMachine down once you start reading it. Hanjungwolya and Geumgangbulgoe have written something you’ll love from the first page.

This book’s action-packed plot made me want to read it all day! From the beginning, I have followed this series and enjoy it greatly! NanoMachine Chapter 115 and the segment following it are perfect for anyone who enjoys fighting, adventure, and demons in one book!

Manhwa: what is it?

In a manhwa, hand-drawn art meets written dialog and simplified action in a comic that originated in Korea. Manhwas are usually published in color and serialized, unlike most other types of manga. In the ever-growing library of manga, nanomachine manga is one of the newest additions! As you reach nanomachine 115, Hanjungwolya and Geumgangbulgoe offer up an amazing story, full of characters that will keep you reading!

115 chapters of the Manhwa Nano Machine

An action and adventure nano machine novel about a 17-year-old woman whose memory has been erased by a mysterious group, Nanomachine manhwa explores the struggles of life after losing memories. There is something for everyone in this story, including sci-fi elements, romance, a touch of fantasy, and more. Your rooting for her success grows stronger as you read more and more about her struggles against her human enemies and those affected by nanotechnology.

Novel elements of Nano Machines

A romance between humans and animals, this book retains all the elements of a great manhwa – a fantastical story with intricate characters and thrilling martial arts combat. As a result of its clean artwork and beautiful animation, NanoMachine 115 is sure to delight any fan of the genre, as well as introduce new readers to the world of manhwa!

When watching or reading manga, I find that I don’t really enjoy the whole fighting genre. Nanomachine caught my attention because it falls into the fighting manhwa category, which I usually don’t dive into headfirst. Every comic enthusiast should read some classic action and adventure manhwa, but for me, this was my first encounter with the genre.

Together, Hanjungwolya and Geumgangbulgoe tell an incredible story through their artwork and writing! Being a part of the NanoMachine English translation was a great pleasure for me. Regardless of your interests, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in Korean or science fiction! It’s been a pleasure to read, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

Manhwas belong to what genre?

Comics from Korea, also called manhwas, are a genre of comics. In these films, which are typically action-oriented, there is a balance between comedy and drama. There are many bookstores, libraries, and online stores that sell them, and they often have more than one volume to choose from.

The subjects covered in manhwas range from romance to history to science fiction. The NanoMachine 115 is the perfect place to start if you want to read manhwa for the first time.

Besides the novel by Hanjungwolya and Geumgangbulgoe, there are many action-oriented manhwas. There is also a romantic element in Nanomachine 115, making it an enjoyable novel.

This particular one was created by who?

NanoMachine was created by Hanjungwolya and Geumgangbulgoe. In addition to creating a number of popular titles for various publishers, both authors have extensive experience in the manwha market. More than 20 manhwas have been published so far, and more will come! You can see their other titles at Line Webtoon if you want to see what they’ve done.

As with any high quality comic book story, NanoMachine’s opening chapter is captivating, and it eventually moves to climax in Nano Machine 115. That particular chapter is filled with striking artwork that really evokes the emotion of the panels. There’s a strong possibility I’ll become a fan of this series, I’m not sure if that’s true or not.

Does it have a completion date or is it still in progress?

I have finished this manhwa and it is currently in progress. Daum Webtoon published the manga and translated it into English with almost 342 chapters.

What is the process for purchasing it?

The Nano Machine 129 is available on Amazon if you’re interested in purchasing it. A nanomachine can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among other online stores. In addition to independent bookstores, comic book stores, and manga specialty shops, nanomachines can be purchased online!

Visit Hanjungwolya’s website to find out how it came to be, or to order your copy today! To see what it’s about and just see if it’s right for you, you can read the first three volumes for free online.

As well as being available in print, Nano Machine 120 is also available on Kindle. If you haven’t read it yet, you should do so right away! NanoMachine can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of whether they have read other comics.


It’s one of my favorite manhwas that I’m sure many of you haven’t read! From start to finish, nanomachine will keep you on the edge of your seat with new action and character development at every turn of the page. After starting the book, I couldn’t stop reading it, and I didn’t end up putting it down again until I was done.