What Can I Do With My Education Degree Besides Teach?

There are so many different career paths to take when you have an education degree. But it’s not always easy to figure out where to start. So, if you’re wondering what you can do with your education degree besides teach, read on! We’ve got a list of some of the most popular professions for those of you who graduated with a degree in education.

What can you do with an education degree?

The field of education is constantly growing. With that, more and more people are getting an education degree to teach in schools, universities, or other educational facilities.

However, if you studied anything besides teaching, there are still plenty of occupations for you to do with your degree. Here are some of the most popular professions for those who hold an degree education:

  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Child Development Specialist
  • Educational Consultant
  • Educational Administrator
  • School Counselor


Teaching is a popular and fulfilling profession for those with an degree education. This path offers a lot of opportunity, especially in today’s educational climate.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be 2.3 million new teaching jobs between 2021-26. The demand for teachers has spiked in recent years, due to teacher shortages in some states, including Oklahoma, Arizona, West Virginia, Nevada, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

As the baby boomer generation continues to retire from their positions as teachers, there will be an increasing need for qualified educators to fill vacant positions. With this in mind, if you have your sights set on being a teacher with your degree education, you should know that it’s likely that your dreams will come true!

Education Management

Education management is an important role in the education field. It’s a challenging position to fill, even with people who have the proper degree education.

An education management professional might be responsible for hiring and managing teachers, building budgets, managing student data, developing curricula, organizing school events, or managing information technology.

It can vary depending on which school you work at and what your responsibilities are. But typically, this person oversees all aspects of the school’s operations aside from teaching.

So if you’re someone who has spent time as a teacher but wants more of a managerial role with more responsibility, this could be the perfect option for you!

Curriculum Designer

If you’re interested in working with children, curriculum design might be a good field to consider.

The curriculum designer is responsible for developing the courses that will be taught at the school. This requires excellent analytical skills and knowledge of content that will support the goals of the course. The curriculum designer must also know how to use computers.

This position typically does not require any special degree education, but experience in teaching or related fields can give you an advantage for this type of position.

Educational Consultant

Educational Consultants serve as advisors for parents, teachers, professors and students by assessing an individual’s educational needs. They help guide them to the best possible education fit for their needs.

Educational Consultants spend their time on assessments, visiting schools, and working with families. They’re not just for kids! Educational Consultants also work with adults who are retraining or looking for a change in career.

Training and Development

Training and development is a popular career choice for those with an education degree. It’s a great way to utilize your teaching skills, while exploring other possibilities. And you don’t always need to be the one training.

Trainer and developer jobs are available in fields like sales, marketing, HR, and more. Training and development is also a good option if you’re interested in starting your own business one day; many trainers and developers end up creating their own businesses due to their expertise in the field!

Higher Education Administration

If you’re interested in working in higher education, then this is the perfect job for you. Higher education administrators are typically in charge of higher education institutions and college or university administrations. They make decisions about how to run the institution and set goals and deadlines for the institution.

There are three primary areas of responsibility: academic programs; student affairs; and institutional support services. These jobs tend to be more administrative than teaching roles, which is ideal if you don’t like dealing with students on a day-to-day basis.

Administrators work with faculty members to help them with their research and teaching duties, as well as oversee the admission process, student records, and financial aid awardings. Most often they manage teams of staff members who carry out these responsibilities in their place.

Higher education administration is a great path for those who graduated with an degree education because it offers a variety of opportunities within different fields in higher education.

Other jobs

If you’ve got the skills to be a teacher, you might also want to consider other careers in education. There are so many jobs out there for those who have an degree education, and not all of them involve teaching.

For example, you could work as a guidance counselor or school psychologist. You could also find some jobs that teach different subjects than just English or math. For instance, if you’re fluent in Spanish, you could work as a foreign language teacher.

Some other jobs that don’t require teaching experience include administrative roles like dean of students or director of admissions at a university. Or maybe your school specializes in art programs—in this case, you might become the art department chairperson.

You can also branch out into more creative fields with your education degree. If your background is in arts and crafts, for example, you might make a great graphic designer or web developer if you’re looking for something outside the educational field.


Other than teaching, there are other jobs you can do with your education degree, including education management, curriculum design, educational consultant, training and development, or higher education administration. It’s important to keep in mind that if you want to go into these other fields, you will need to get a graduate degree.

That’s not always the case if you want to stay in the classroom. If you are looking for other jobs you can do with your degree education, make sure to take a look at the list of other jobs on the next slide.