When should I do my fit to fly test?

People have become conscious about their health after the pandemic of Covid-19. Restaurants, Marriage halls, Parks, Offices, and Companies demand vaccination cards before giving you entry because no one wants to watch that horror movie again. Airports require your negative antigen test before entering the plane. If you are confused about the time for the fit to fly test, let’s read this article.

Fit to Fly Test

Fit to fly test is an antigen detection test that tells the presence or the absence of antigens in your body. You can freely travel if you have a fit to fly certificate in your handbag. Medical advisors take your sample with a swabbing stick from your nose or mouth. They analyze the samples and publish the results accordingly.

Fit to Fly Certificate

After the antigen test has been done and gives negative results, the company provides you fit to fly certificate with a stamp and a doctor’s sign. It is a certificate that allows you to travel anywhere by simply showing this certificate to a medical expert at airports. Official Rapid Tests is the best organization to apply for your fit to fly test and a certificate.

Countries that Accept Fit to Fly Certificate

Not all countries, but some demand fit to fly Covid certificate from the travelers. These countries include;

  • Spain
  • Greece
  • France
  • Portugal
  • USA
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Germany

And for all these countries, Official Rapid Tests is giving quality services.

When to Get the Fit to Fly Test?

When you plan to travel, check if the country accepts the fit to fly certificates or not. If yes, check your airline because different destinations demand different times for tests. Some countries require test reports done 96 hours before the flight, while some demand 48 or 72 hours. So book your slot with Official Rapid Tests accordingly, as the time varies depending upon the destination.

Is Swab Test Painful?

You do not need to panic because there will be no injection during the test. Swabbing will never cause pain but an irritating feeling. So do not worry you can also apply the test to analyze your children.

Official Rapid Tests Serves Humanity

The only medical test service is Official Rapid Tests, which works in the UK. You can book your slot to get your test reports from your comfort zone. They will give you accurate results and stamped certificates to make your traveling free from hurdles. The organization works with professional and experienced doctors to give quality-testing services and reliable reports.

How to Enjoy the Services of Official Rapid Tests?

If you have checked your airline, let’s proceed with the procedure;

  1. Place your kit order on the website of Official Rapid Tests. Unpack the kit, and follow the instructions before swabbing.
  2. Use your smartphone to take a photo of the results.
  3. Send the results with your passport picture to their portal.
  4. The fastest Official Rapid Tests will give you analyzed results or a stamped certificate within 15 minutes.

Now, travel anywhere you want to enjoy your vacations.