Does Tinting Your Car Window Reduce Heat?

Several car owners wonder whether tinting windows of their vehicle will help reduce the levels of heat. An immediate answer to this question is “yes”. Window tinting is not only a way of keeping other drivers from seeing inside your Car Window, it also lowers the temperature of the car and blocks sun rays. A thin piece of film may help manage temperature levels but it feels a little astounding. However, there are quite logical and scientific reasons why tinted windows can keep your vehicle interior cool while outside temperature soars.

How Windows Tinting Stops Heat?

Automotive window tinting may act as a barrier between a car’s interior and the sun. The film consists primarily of polyester. A few films use a thin coating of metal fragment and colored dye that line the top level of the film. The layers of the fim can help block rays from the sun while allowing some light to shine through the window.

Despite the durability of non-carbon ceramic films, tinted windows Manchester allow enhanced visibility in all shades of light. The film will last for years to come because of its great color retention. You can determine how effective the window tint is by looking at its light transmittance. VLT% is a term that refers to how much visible light is transmitted through the window. Similarly, VLA% determines how much light is absorbed by the tinted window. VLR% indicates how much light is reflected back.

In order to understand these terms, imagine a vehicle that doesn’t have any limit. Such vehicles can transmit almost 90% of the visible light. Hence, its VLT% is 90. Similar no-tinted window will have a VLA percentage of five, meaning just 5% absorption. The VLR rating would be at five. Under such circumstances, most of the light would reach the vehicle’s interior. Hence, you can expect that there would be almost no cooling impact.

Is Windows Tinting Effective in Reducing Heat?

Though light transmittance ratings indicate how much light would be blocked, they don’t determine how much cooling you can expect. A few studies have addressed the question “does window tint reduce heat?” In 2012, FM Nasir and MA Jasni performed a study for an International Conference of Robotics, Mechanical and Automobile Engineering. The participants in the study were able to indicate how window tinting can reduce or block heat.

The study seemed to conclude that sunshades were more effective than window tinting. Later on, it was indicated that sunshades only offer a cooling effect for the dashboard part. The average sunshade on a car without tinting was only able to cool the temperature to around 2 degree celsius. A window tinted Car Window was able to block heat and reduce temperature. In fact, the tint was able to cool the interior temperature up to 8 degree celsius.

The study revealed some significant scientific evidence that the window tinting does work. However, if you are looking for tinted windows Manchester, get quality tints that can reduce heat to a great extent in your vehicle.