How to Cancel Avast Cleanup Premium?

Avast Cleanup Premium is a security and optimization application by Avast Software. The application is used to clean up the system and deliver uninterrupted performance even when working with large files. Benefits include improved system performance, improved web browsing speed, protection from malicious software programs, and improved battery life. However, if it no longer suits your needs or you’ve decided to cancel the subscription, here are some steps that might help.

How to cancel Avast Cleanup Premium

At the bottom of the window that pops up when you click the button to start the software is a small section titled, “Request cancellation of plan”. Clicking the button brings up a window with a few checkboxes for deciding whether to keep the plan active or cancel.

Click on the Download Your Account link, then the Manage Plan link, and then click the Cancel button.

All parts of the installer are basically the same. If you want to cancel Cleanup Avast Premium, just go through the steps above and click the same button. If you have any trouble, just write in the comments below or contact us through our Contact Us page.

If you want to read the full terms and conditions of Cleanup Avast Premium, please click here. 

Signing up for the subscription

Go to www. Avast Cleanup and click on the Sign In button. In the left menu, click on the My Account menu. Scroll down to the Programs section and click on Download and Install Apps. You will then be able to select and install the programs that you want to install on your PC.

If you want to cancel the subscription, you can click on the Booking a Recurring Order button and select the time you want to cancel. You can also cancel the subscription anytime you want.

After you click on Booking a Recurring Order, you can go to the Order cancellation page and submit your cancellation request. Just click on the Save Changes button at the bottom and then click the Done button at the top.

Cancelling your subscription

First, ensure that you’ve read the terms of service. The service may have a different renewal date and possibly a different cost. However, the subscription may only be cancelled at the end of the next billing period.

Second, check the validity of your credit card number. The credit card issuer should have an up-to-date record of it. If not, you should ensure that it’s valid. Avast Cleanup Premium may charge for processing this transaction if your account has a delinquent balance. You can dispute this charge for up to 90 days and if it is still not resolved, Avast may close your credit card account.

Third, you’ll need to log into your Account Settings and click on the Manage Protection Account and then click on the Restrictions.

Scroll down and then select ‘Edit’, just above ‘Activation Code’.


Avast Cleanup Premium isn’t perfect. While it is an excellent tool, there are many other tools available to you. Still, there is a significant amount to like about the program.

You can try it out for free to see if it meets your needs, or if you are dissatisfied, you can opt to cancel the subscription. Either way, the best way to download and install this is through the Mac App Store. There is a trial that allows you to test the program. If you end up not liking it, it is free to cancel the subscription